Cone biopsy

Hi ladies, had a smear mid feb - results back of severe changes - colposcopy done with 3 punch biopsies - results of CIN3.... Having a cone biopsy on thursday under general. After reading a lot on here most people don't seem to have this. Has anyone else? Any advice? 


Im alittle nervous and scared! Also keep seeing everyone mentioning about not being able to carry children even in best case senario which is making things worse. Just after some positiveness! 



laura xx

Hi Laura, 

Sorry to hear about the severe changes. I had a cone biopsy...I had LLETZ before so a bit different.  The procedure itself is very straightforward.  Under GA too so you wont feel a thing. When I woke up I had some bleeding/ discharge but stopped after a few days. The recovery is quick and the main thing is to baths, sex ect for a few weeks. You should probably be able to go home the same day.  Also generally it does not reduce the likelihood of be able to get pregnant. I had two procedures and have less than a third of my cervix different to you. Still I have been told pregnancy is possible but I will need a stitch in the remaining cervix to support the uterus. 

Concentrate on getting through this procedure and healing and try not to worry about the rest for now. There are lots of options available. 

I wish you the best with your treatment. 


Thank you so much Michelle for replying! :) xx

Hi Michelle,

Great to hear after everthing that you now have the all clear! I read your signature and saw that what you went through is (so far) the same as what I am going through at the moment. I  was told yesterday that I need to have a cone biopsy and ,as I am going through the private system, I have the privialge to book the appointment when I want. The insurance approval should be through next week around the 13/14th then I can book it even the next day. I have international visitors coming on the 24th for a week and obviously have to show them around and will need to  be quite active.


I wanted to know if a week after you cone biospy do you think you would have been fine to walk around and be quite active? I was wondering if I should just book it after they leave. Thank you in advance for your advice.



Hi bahar,

Unfortunately beacuse I had a large LLETZ and then a large cone biopsy I required stitches as the back wall of my cervix was opened up a little in surgery. Because of this I had to stay in overnight (had originally planned on going home the same day) so for this reason I wasnt very active a waak after. I was up and about and taking short walks and I was back to work two weeks later. As you have not had a previous surgery I would think you would be ok to be up and about a week later. Driving was an issue for me (pushing in the clutch especially) but this had resolved after two weeks. No swimming ect for a month either

There are some other ladies on here who may have had a more straight forward cone that you could ask.

I wish you all the best with your treatment,


Hi bahar, 


not sure if I can help or not but I had a cone biopsy yesterday and also had it done privately. I felt fine abit sore but mostly fine when I came around from my operation. I decided to go home the same day but could have stayed in if I had liked. I feel alittle swollen down below today and I've just been told to not excert myself and not to do any heavy lifting.


Thank you so much for responding Michelle and Lauralou, your feedback was really helpful. I think I have decided to just go ahead and do it asap. I think my health should probably come above trooping around malls and sunbaking in a comfortable manner plus I am going a little mental wondering the what if/s!


How are you feeling now Lauralou? Hope the recovery has been a little better than expected.