CIN2 and wanting to try for baby

In October 2022, I had a biopsy that confirmed CIN2 and they booked in a follow up colposcopy in December 2022, but by that time I had fallen pregnant, so they decided to hold off until I was 6 months pregnant.

We unfortunately lost our pregnancy at 23 weeks and I had a colposcopy booked in for the end of May 2023. I have been told that I now need to wait until 3 months after the pregnancy loss before my next colposcopy and then I would need to wait for results and to find out if treatment is needed.

My husband and I are so desperate to try and get pregnant again, but I’m struggling with having to wait so long for the colposcopy and results.

Has anyone ever been through a similar thing and know if there is any way they can take a look now to see if things have progressed, rather than having to wait 3 months.

I would go ahead and try for a baby again tbh. Cervical pre-cancer generally takes years to develop into cancer, if it ever does (most doesn’t). You know you want to have kids anyway; now is the time to try.