Colposcopy and pregnancy

Hi, I received my letter last week that I will have to attend a colposcopy appointment - I'm very nervous! We were planning to try for a baby before the end of the year but reading the info suggests that I might have to go back for another check up in 6 months - does anyone know if I am still able to plan a baby or do we have to wait?

hiya u can still have a colposcopy during pregnancy but cant have biopsies done should they need to take any. youre best off waiting until you go for your colposcopy and see what comes of that. if its a thing that cin 1 is found u wouldnt be called back in 6 months ... you will have a better idea after your colposcopy whether or not you can go ahead n start trying straight away :)


Hi LouLou,

I had questions similar to yours for the health professionals at my colposcopy appointment, and they advised me that it's best 'to wait until this kind of thing is sorted before trying for a baby'. But then, if you do end up going back for another check in 6 months and the results are all clear, I was told it's okay to start trying at that point. Hope this helps.

Lou Lou G,

I had the same thing. I had cgin removed via LLETZ in October 15 and like a silly sod went against advice and kept trying for a baby. Fell pregnant in Feb so rescheduled my colposcopy app for after baby (logic being they couldnt treat so better not knowing) by time i got to colposcopy in Jan this year i had adenocarcinoma in situ and had a cone biopsy. Have been told not to get myself pregnant again within the six 6 months. (Although believe me i hadn't planned to, my wee ones a handful) so being seen again in June. So in short, i would suggest wait, better your baby has a mummy with a full bill of health x Cheryl