CIN1 diagnosis and cervical erosion

Hi. I've just had results of coLposcopy. Diagnosed with a cervical erosion and CIN1. recommended trestment is coagulation. When I spoke to the hospital secretary they said that the treatment is for the erosion as they won't normally treat cin1 cells And just leave those to review. Therefore my question is, if I'm having coagulation for the erosion would that normally take away the cin1 cells anyway? Hope this question makes sense.

Depends whether it's the same area that is affected I suppose. I had treatment for erosion back in 2009. All my smear were normal until last year. Interestingly enough the area where I had lletz for CIN 3 in Nov, was the same area treated for erosion in 2009... I dont know if the 2 are related or coincidence... Either which way, they'll be keeping an eye on you and hopefully the cin 1 will resolve itself x