Results back for Lletz


hi i just wanted to thank all the ladies who supported me thru the past 4 weeks, with my questions


I got colposcopy biopsies taken and it came back CIN 111 but no cancer


I have just got my letter tonight re lletz treatment 2 weeks ago and the results have come back CIN (abnormal cells but no cancer)


get smear in 6 months time, im over the moon, but a little confused how can u have CIN111 on biopsies and just CIN after treatment


does that just mean they have taken all the CIN 111 cells away, can someone explain this to me, and one final question i have suffered from erosion of the cervix for the past 20 yrs after the lletz treatment does this mean it has been sorted now?




Yay congratulations I had the same as you and was over the moon also! I had same question as I had cervical erosion too and wondered if Lletz sorts it out... I think it does though as I used to get terrible discharge which is a symptom of the erosion and I now get none. It would make sense that the Lletz would also remove the erosion.  Again I'm so happy for you I remember opening the letter and crying with joy.

Congrats to you too, it is good to finally get it in writing that everything is ok, and if the erosion has gone too even better xx




I don't know if this helps but after my smear showed severe dyskaryosis and biopsy confirmed CIN3, my results from LLETZ showed only CIN1 and I'll also return in 6 months for a follow up smear. Maybe the CIN3 was removed by the biopsy? Either way, good news for both of us!

Hi Kessi, thanks for your reply, yes it is great news, all the best, ally x


Hi i had my 6 month smear in December after my LLetz treatment, got letter today abnormal changes again, need to go for examination at hospital 20th feb,  is this quite common to get abnormal result so soon after treatment x