CIN I, II and III? Confused and worried.

Hello everyone,

My first post here! I have to say, this website is really useful when you’re having all these letters about abnormal smears and colposcopies!

Anyway, my story is much the same as all of yours but I’ll give you a brief rundown. Smear, severe high grade dyskaryosis shown, went for colposcopy and had three punch biopsies taken. I received the results today over the phone. The nurse said that it showed I have CIN I,II, and III. How can that be? I thought it was a gradation system of severity? Or is it patchy, with some severe and some minor?

She also said that they’ll do LLETZ and then take that sample for testing to ensure the cells haven’t become invasive as they’re concerned about the CIN III. So… when its invasive, that means cancer?

I should have asked more questions but I just went a bit blank. :frowning:

Thanks everyone. Trying to concentrate at work at the moment! It’s not happening!

Hi, I had the same as you on my biopsy, and you are right in what your saying it could mean that 1 biopsy shows CIN 1 and the other shows CIN 2 the last one shows CIN 3. 

Yet also it could be the fact that in all of the biopsys they saw CIN 1 2 and 3. Either way what they meant by needing to do the lletz to make sure it's not invasive is that they treat CIN 2 & 3 to make sure it isn't cancer, yet they watch and wait CIN 1. Because you have all 3 they need to do the lletz. It turned out on mine that the biopsy itself took out my CIN 2 and 3 cells, then my lletz got rid of the CIN 1 remaining cells. This was over 2 years ago now and i have been fine ever since. My 3 year smear should be in March next year Xxx

Hi I have just received a letter tiday with the same as you cin 1, 11 & 111 very anxious as I'm just married and want to start a family. Just wondering how you got on with it all. Thank you x


  1. congratulations on being newly married! 
    first off, don't worry too much! I know it's hard but once this is over you will think "it wasn't that bad". 
    Was it from your lletz treatment that you had those results? Does it mention margins? Or does it say if they "got it all" x