Questions about Lletz and CIN level

Hi ladies


I had my first smear last monthand I had a letter to say I had High Grade Dyskaryosis and so would require colposcopy.

Had colp on 28th of oct and Lletz was also performed but I was never told what CIN level it was? They took two rather sizable chunks at the lletz to be sent off

Does high grade dyskaryosis mean CIN 2? Or CIN 3? Im so confused as nothing has really been explained. 


i know the results of the lletz will explain in more detail and give me an exact answer but I am just curious to know what the previous stuff all meant!


thanks xx


Not much help but my original letter only stated 'abnormal cells'. Consultant then explained to me at the hospital that the smear had producted severe changes which would be CIN3. When he performed the lletz he confirmed that he thought the areas that needed removing were all CIN3 - 5 sections in all. I'm awaiting results of biopsies now (colposcopy and lletz were two weeks ago today). He said I should get my results in 2-3 weeks x

High grade can mean CIN 2 or 3. It's also sometimes called 'severe'. Lots of different names for the same thing just to make the whole process more worrying and confusing!! :) x