Cin 1 to 3 in a year

Hi girls,
I’m new here, though not at all new to hpv and abnormal paps! I’m 28, from the US, so I apologize for any difference with names of procedures etc. Long story short of my back ground. I’ve had high risk hpv for about 10 years. Every single pap smear I’ve had has always ended with atleast a colposcapy and biopsies. Lots and lots of those! I had carcinoma insitu (stage 0) I think it is called, a while back. Had a cone biopsy done along with the electrical loop procedure for that. It went dormant for about 6 months and now My last pap came back borderline cin 2 just under (technically cin 1 still) . So the doc said I could watch and wait, or if I wanted a hysterectomy, I could go that route also. Well, I opted to keep my lady bits. So I choose the watch and wait. Anyway, I’m coming up on my next yearly appt. And was just wondering if anyone else has had there’s jump from cin 1 to 3 in a year before. Last time I went from cin 1 to carcinoma insitu, so apparently I don’t fall into the “slow growing” category of cancer cells. I suppose I just wanted to see if there is any other rapid growers out there like me : ) everytime I Google cin 1 to 3, it always say it takes years to grow. I guess I’m just a bit anxious about this appt. Wanted to know if a quick jump up is common. Honest non sugar coated answers are always appreciated : ) nothing about this virus surprises me anymore! Lol. You all have a wonderful day!

Hi Amanda 

I’m new here too.. had Pap test last year and had HPV 18 and had a colcoscopy, results came back clear.. told to wait 1 year and the virus should clear itself. 

Went back this year and now have CIN1 and HPV18 ! Had a lettz (loop) procedure this week and my consultant said the virus lives in the cells, which they have removed so I have a 90% chance it won’t return. Am waiting for the results from the letzz , was surprised it had progressed to CIN1 within the year !