Cgin in margin after Lletz

On the 18th June I had a lletz after a biopsy showed high grade CGIN.


i have today spoken to the clinic as I had heard nothing back.  Nurse told me that my results show cgin is still present in one margin .


MDT meeting is being held on the 6th August and at some point after this date they will let me know what they intend to do.  I assume another lletz ?

I know my consultant told me after the first lletz that he’d “left quite a hole” and for me to not overdo things that day

this waiting around is actually making me feel quite stressed out !

Hi Aa1

I had adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN and did not have clear margins. After discussion with MDT I had a second lletz (top hat lletz) under local. They did say I might need GA as after lletz some tissue can stick to the area and make it harder/more painful to do under local.

Good luck xxx

As far as I’m aware it’s only !!! CGIN. First punch biopsy results said CGIN no malignancy found.


she said that the lletz results showed CGIN and that one margin still showed CGIN present she did say it might be that the diathermy might have even burnt what was left away

I’m assuming that at some point I will get a copy of the results letter they send to my gp

Hi Aa1

Sorry I didn’t mean to freak you out. 

I suspect following MDT discussion they’ll recommend a second lletz to ensure clear margins. I was the same in the respect that i did not have all clear margins. 

I hope it’s all cleared for you soon,the waiting is awful though xx

Lol I’m not freaked out don’t worry , I’m pretty level headed ..


my first gynae appt was back in jan and I feel a bit like I’ve been living a waiting game ever since !

I bet!! January to now is a lot of waiting! Hope you get some answers soon xx

I’m getting answers just every time it’s not the clear ones I want ... every answer seems to lead to another test and more waiting

Today I received a letter which is less than useless!!

it says the lletz found high grade abnormal cells, CGIN and that it’s been suggested my results are discussed in the next MDT where a plan of care will be discussed....

 No dates , no reference to clear /unclear margins ... nothing !