Lletz results being discussed at MDT

Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help please. I had a lletz under GA for CGIN on 4 April and called today to see if there was any news in my results. Coincidentally, they apparantly discussed my case at a Multi disciplinary meeting this morning. I asked what this meant and she (the consultants secretary) said it was quite common and could just mean the biopsy results were different to what they expecting. I'm wondering if this means I may not have cgin after all. Has anybody else been aware of their results being discussed at an mdt? Is it that common? I'm  concerned that they are not discussing my results until over 5 weeks after the procedure but I'm reading into tat the lack of urgency can only be a good thing. Does anyone have any eperience of this? Thanks. 

Hi happy stars, I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I also had Cgin and I remember how I felt at the time. Please try not to worry as you will be well looked after and monitored closely. It is common practice for individual cases to be discussed at MDTmeetings and nothing out of the ordinary. The waiting is the worst part! Sending you positive thoughts. luv Shaz x

Hi Shaz, thanks for your reply. I was a bit shocked when she said my case was going to an MDT as I wasn't expecting it and had no idea that it was part of the process, but I will just to have wait a bit longer to find out what's going on. I was originally told that I would be getting my results within 2 -3 weeks so I've been disappointed at both the wait and the lack of information. I hope you are keeping well xx

Hi Happystars

I had lletz on the 11th Feb under LA. I was told that the resuts would take between 6-8 wks and on the information leaflet,

it says do not ring until the 8th wk! I too questioned why it would take so long, but it turns out that my doctor had been away and 

they also had to discuss it at an mdt meeting. I think mine was because they picked up CGIN after the lletz.

Hope you get your results soon