Results! Anyone had similar?

Hi guys, 

So I finally received my colposcopy results...confirmed cgin. 

Biopsy didnt produce clear margins so have been passed on to an MDT meeting.


Am expecting further treatment :(


Anyone had something similar and can give me an idea of what to expect?

Thanks :)


I have had biopsy due to cgin (and the biopsy was actually ok so no treatment ) but the Cgin came back 10 months or so later so had lletz. 

What I was told is that a colposcopy and biopsy isn't always easy to do for Cgin as our nasties are further up the canal and harder to see  than the cin123s. Also they need to remove Cgin as it is equivalent to cin3 so it is likely  to become cancer if it is left and not removed.

The MDT will consider how much Cgin the colposcopist could see in testing and then it's likely they will want to give you lletz. I think they normally would go for that option but it may depend on your symptoms,  age,  and whether you have completed your family.

I have had 2 lletz which removed the Cgin with clear margins although I basically ended up having everything they could remove in a Lletz removed. However was all done under LA and was uncomfortable but bearable. after 3 weeks am pretty much back to normal running, lifting etc. Only needed a day off work.    As they found a very small Cc tumour in my first lletz the MDT did recommend a hysterectomy but I went for more lletz which was clear so I now just have another colposcopy booked for July to see how I am. if the Cgin is back I will then probably have a hysterectomy.

The MDT will also sometimes recommended a hysterectomy for persistent Cgin (due to the likelihood of itdeveloping into cc if left untreated)  but unlikely for u at this stage as they normally try a couple of  lletz first. 

Hope you get info from MDT soon sometimes there is a week to fortnight wait to seecwhat they say.

Good luck xx  

I've been reviewed at MDT twice,

first time I was advised they would take no further action and to have follow up smears.

Second time I was referred for my second Lletz.

The consultant was reluctant as I don't have children yet but I pushed for the procedure.

Thanks a lot for your responses guys and ChandosGirl thanks for such a detailed response. 

Unfortunately I wont know anything until April as the MDT is end of March so I guess there more waiting ahead for me :-/

My colposcopy/biopsy was horrible and painful (even though it was under LA) and I'm just concerned I will have to go through it all again but if I do then I know it is worth it.

Just hate waiting for something that is so important. 

Good luck with future check ups and results ladies :)




Hi, mine went to the MDT as apparently that's routine for high grade changes..... The outcome was for a repeat colposcopy in 6 months so although I know it seems scary I don't think the MDT means that it's def bad news!! X x x

Hi, I had CGIN that was luckily treated with one lletz. However consultant told me that they would do up to 3 lletz before looking at other options.

I was also refered to MDT as my smear results and biopsies didnt match, it is common especially with cgin so dont worry. Also the fact that it is so long away means they aren't panicking so please try not to as you will have the longest month ever. xx

HI Ladies, I might jump on this forum if thats ok. This time last year I was contacted by the hopital to come in straight away. I got a terribe fright. As it turned out I my smear result had returned CGIN. I also found out I was 5 weeks pregnant had a repeat smear and colposcopy. I had a LLetz at 7 weeks. I now have a beautiful little girl and had my first follow up today nearly one year later.

I am so nervous about the results, my origional results showed the margin was clear by only 0.1mm and there was also a gland positive that was completely excised. However that doesnt make me feel anybetter.Fingers crssed the results come back clear.

Anyone have a similar result?