CGIN - another Colposcopy needed

I had a smear in January 2017 which showed abnormal cells. I went in to see the specialist at the Colposcopy Clinic 2 weeks later and they decided to do an LLETZ there and then under local anaesthetic.

Results confirmed high grade CGIN but they appeared to get clear margins so I was due to go back in August for a 6 monthly check up.

I have now had a letter saying my results were reviewed at the quarterly multi-disciplinary meeting and now they want me to go back into hospital next week for another Colposcopy (only 3 months have passed).

What does this mean? What else could they have found? I thought I was in the clear and was not expecting this development. I am a bit scared tbh. I really don't understand what they have found to warrant me going back in again so quickly when they originally thought my results had clear margins. Does anyone have any experience of this?

I'm 35 years old with no children. I'm presuming that a potential second LLETZ so soon would affect my chances of carrying a baby in future but I am also interested in finding out how this may affect fertility if this is going to be an ongoing problem. Has anyone looked into having eggs frozen for example?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you!



Can anyone offer any insight into this please? What could they have found at the MDM?

Sorry im not going to be much help... As I've not had CGIN... However it might just be differing opinions. That's why they have mdt meetings. It might be cause those cells are more difficult to monitor, might be that smear and lletz had different results... I know it's going to be really hard, but all you can do is try not to worry until you see doc. I'm sure if it was serious they would have wanted to see you sooner than 3months x

Hi, I had lletz and biopsy in January which came back as CGIN so they had a meeting in march and wa ted me in again for another treatment in Apri.

its because CGIN is glandular so it is deeper in the cervix than CIN 1-3.

ive just had my results back after my last treatment and biopsy which show that the changes are also in my uterus, so now im waiting for a consultation with the dr to discuss a hysterectomy because they can't treat any further than they have in my case.

i hope your lletz treatment goes well x


I had cgin last year, had to have 2 lots of lletz to remove it. 

Theyve probabally called you back due to differing options at met meeting, try not to worry they'll prob just do another lletz to make sure margins are clear.