CGIN returned after clear margins

I had a smear at the beginning of the year which showed severe abnormalities..

I was sent for a Colposcopy and had a lletz treatment I believe. 

He took some of the opening of my cervix away. 

I had a letter come back saying that I had cin 3 and cgin and that they believed they had removed the abnormalities and I had clear margins.

I had my routine 6month smear involving one from inside my cervix. The results came back abnormal! 

I had another appintment for a Colposcopy. I've had to cancel 2 so far because of bleeding! I have another appointment for Monday the 18th.

Im starting to feel scared. Ifyou I had clear margins then why has it returned within 6 months?

I'm really just looking for some reassurance from anyone who's had the same experience.

Donna x


I really feel for you, having an abrnomal follow up is really gutting, I actually found it harder to take than the first abnormal smear!

I wasnt quite the same as I didnt have CGIN, but my follow up smear and second follow up were both abnormal and I have just had a second LLETZ

Do you know if you had the HPV test as well?

I think if the follow up shows CGIN they may want to do more treatment, but I cant be sure as I was dealing with CIN

Wish you lots of luck




Hula-hoop, thank you for replying. I'm not sure if they tested for hpv? Nothing has been mentioned and non of my letters suggest that I have been? It is one of the questions I will be asking next Monday. 

I hated the lletz treatment! The discharge and smell after were appalling! My appointment on Monday says it's for another Colposcopy and smear? Are they likely to do any more treatment there and then? 

Every ache and pain worries me now! 

Donna x

Hi Donna, wanted to send you a big hug and say I know exactly how you are feeling. Cgin is difficult to detect and monitor as it can skip layers and can be multi focal. I had Lletz and cone biopsy/top hat but eventally my cervix became Stenosed (shortened & closed) which would have meant future smears would have been inadequate. I opted to have a Hysterectomy (which wasn't that bad) in order to have peace of mind. Obviously this was unfortunate in my case and I have read that many women have been successful with Lletz alone so please don't be alarmed. Also, remember that cin & Cgin are PRE and not CC. Also, try not to Google as it will come up with all sorts of conflicting information. Stick to Jo's for reliable information and support.Sending you positive thoughts in the meantime, take good care of yourself.. No smoking, lots of green leafy veggies, plenty of sleep, no stress, green tea, multi vitamins are a few of the things I tried along the way. Hope this helps.. Feel free to message me anytime. Hugs, Sharon xx

Hi ladies!
Sorry to jump in your conversation but I have come across your thread when searching for people in a similar situation to me. Following a cone biopsy in 2008 my cervix is completely stenosed. We have been focused on conceiving since and not worrying about the prospect of the CGIN returning but reading your post I’m now really worrying that my smear tests might not be doing the job :o/
Hysterectomy is a terrifying prospect for me as we’re so desperate to start a family.
Your advice would be a really great help. Thank you! Xx