Cervix Cramping and low back pain


Got pic line in today. After I got home I threw up my lunch and felt exhausted. I don’t see anywhere online about pic line causing fatigue and vomiting. They did flush it with saline and I think heparin so I’m not sure whay it made me like that.
Been having a lot of stabbing cramping pain where they found the cc tumor about 4cm. The chemoradiation start date just got pushed out to sept 5😕. I’ve been having low back pain and cramping in that area. Are these typical symptoms of cc? Worried and hurting again.

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Hi @Tinabae

I’ve got lower back pain, cramping and sharp pain and within my pelvis area.

From my perspective this is normal for me

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I’ve noticed a lot of cramping and low back pains. Feels like thumb tacks embedded into my cervix. Since treatment began last wk, my bleeding has finally slowed down enough that I don’t always need a chuck liner wherever I sit. Cancer team is working on some different pain relieving options. Does anything help cervix/ back pain that works for you ?