back pain.. should I be concerned?

Hello everyone,


I was just diagnosed with cervical cancer, and I have an appointment on Monday for further testing to determine the stage of cancer. My doctor believes the cells are still localized in the cervix (stage 0), but I am experiencing back pain and it is radiating down my leg. I have had this back pain on and off for years due to sciatica and a herniated disc, but I haven't been experiencing this pain that often lately. After I was given my diagnosis yesterday, the pain came back. I recently had an ultra sound and CT scans for what was thought to be appendicitis, and nothing was found at that time. Is it possible this pain is due to stress? I searched online and it says that sciatica is a common pain of advanced cervical cancer so I cannot help but be concerned. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Thank you everyone. Wishing everyone luck! 



Hi there,

Obviously I can't say with absolute certainty that your back pain isn't cc related but I will go as far as to say I think it is very highly unlikely. From what you have said it sounds like your cc is in very very early stages. Whilst I don't for one minute believe some things I've read that say cc takes 10 years to develop (mine definitely hasn't taken that long) it is slow growing and therefore you won't be displaying advanced symptoms overnight. I would say that these pains are your bodies way of dealing with the immense stress you are under at the moment.

All the best

Rachel x

Firstly sorry to hear of your diagnosis but you came to right place <3.  Yes would agree with Rach have had all sorts of pains and aches and I am sure it's our bodies way of reactiing to all the stress, for example you know when someone talks about head lice your head starts itching I am sure our bodies are similar. 

But I am thinking the same as you most of the time so it's very normal to have these worries. Please try not to google things as Google isn't a true reflection of your situation and you will only get upset (trust me, I have done it). 

Big hugs and keep in touch xxxx

^^what these two lovely ladies said!x

Hello again Alicia :-)

I'm turning into a right know-it-all, sorry for that :-( But as a veteran of slipped/prolapsed discs, sciatica, actually having a disc removed by spinal keyhole surgery, as well as dear old cervical cancer, I will eat my hat if your back pain is not disc and stress related.

Be lucky:-)


Hi Rachel, Sarah, Sweetpea, and Tivoli!!


Thank you all for your response. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! Thankfully the pain has gone away, so I believe you were all right in saying that it was probably due to stress and my back injuries! I have two more days before I go for further testing. Right now I think I am in shock/numb phase. I just want to beat this thing. Thank you all for your support. Big hugs to everyone and wish you all nothing but the best. Thank you all again, I really appreciate it. 

Alicia :) 

That's great Alicia, I am just the same with pain so it's only normal to be worried about lots of things, as we have had a massive shock and it takes a while for it to sink in. I feel like I am bordering on health anxiety now but like all things I am sure it will pass once we get through this, which we will! Xxx