Cervical smear

Hi all
I was diagnosed with Hpv over 3 year’s ago and had high grade dyskaryosis so had pre cancerous cells removed. 6 months later i had a smear again and the Hpv was no longer there.So was told 4 years would be next smear. But far 6 months i have had a green coloured discharge so had a swab done, came back no infection. So doctor yesterday told me to book a smear for today with the nurse. I turned up and she said after looking at my notes,that she can’t give me a smear until February 2024… I told her the doctor asked me to book in for one and she said the doctor can’t order a smear. She said if she did one now,they would put it in the bin basically . I said i was worried the Hpv had came back,but she still refused. Is this right ? Do i have to wait until February. If she is right in what she is saying, i don’t understand why my Gp told me to book a smear. Just worried that something is wrong. I’m 59 years old btw.

Hi @zebbo

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having to go through this and for any worry it is causing. Not sure if you are in the UK or not. I know the UK is pretty strict with testing with smears. I was on a smear pathway of 3 years.

If you are worried you can get a private HPV test via Superdrug or go private for a smear.

Alternatively, keep being a ‘ nuisance ‘ and forcing the issue or get your GP to speak with the nurse.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes i am in the UK. I have an appointment next Wednesday with my GP and will bring it up with him. It’s so worrying. I don’t think i could manage waiting another 7 months of not knowing. I didn’t realise i could get a test for HPV. So thank you for that information as i will purchase one ASAP.