2nd minor changes smear

Hi Everyone

I had a smear test at start of year which came back as minor changes and was told to come back in 6 months.

Just got my results for my second smear and its still the same (repeat in another 6 months). I think i’m just gutted because i wanted to try move on from it all.

I tortured myself this year by googling (bad i know) and was really hoping it would come back normal. I feel guilty because my problem is nothing compared to some of your brave battles i guess i’m just wanting some advice. Should i contact my doctor and try have further tests done or should i wait and see?



Hi Worriedholz

I have been exactly where you are now so I know exactly how you are feeling. The doctors will leave it for 6 months between smears to allow for the changes to revert back (I know this doesn't help the worrying though), if nothie changes i.e. gets better or worse then they will regurlarly give you smears so that *if* it were to change they can catch it early.

I hope I have helped somewhat, if you need a chat you can message me xx

Hi Yellobubblegum

Thanks for replying. :) Its so hard to not worry. I had suspected kidney stones earlier this year so i had bloods, CT scan and ultrasound so the logical part of me is saying not to worry,. Just the waiting. 


Hope all is well for you. 




Hi Holly,

It really is hard! I hope you have not been too worried! Try and keep yourself busy with other things to take your mind off of waiting for your results.

I'm ok had to go for my yearly check up this month and the NHS have changed the guidelines to say that if no HPV was detected in the last smear test that they will only check smears every 3 years - so there's a chance my latest smear won't even be tested :( but hey ho hopefully they do and all is well.

Take care

Vicki xx

hi lovely ladies might be worth paying for a private smear test if you can afford it. My recent test came back abnormal but hpv negative. Policy in nhs England to just go back to normal screening but as I'm over 50 this is 5 years. Think this is way to long to wait so will do privately in a year to see how things are. Going to cost me £150 as I live in a rural area and can only find one private doctor so have no choice. If you live near or in a city you can have one done for£90. Feel quite angry that I could be left worrying for 5 years. Thought of starting a petition about this issue as if you can get 100,000 signatures it has to be discussed in parliament. Also what happens to women who can't afford to go for private test. Think this is a sad state of affairs especially as nhs can't guarantee they will go back to normal. Though from my understanding and research it happens more often in younger women. xxx