Wondering what to do?

Hi ladies. Firstly I just wanted to say how brave some of you ladies are and I really do admire you all. This seems so minor to a lot of posts on here, but I have posted before with my concerns, I'm just so unsure as to what to do. I got my biopsy results from my colposcopy in early December, but had my initial smear October. Anyway, my results came back as CIN1 with no further treatment needed. I had already been told I had high risk HPV. Even though this wasn't put on my biopsy results. (not sure if that makes a difference?) I just don't know whether to wait the full year or ask them to bring my smear forward 6 months? I forget about it for a while but then I find myself thinking about it and I really don't know what to do. I am positive it will be okay to wait a year, but I always think 'what if' and it strikes fear in me. I am greatful that I am only mild, but I've read some stories where women go from mild to severe within 6 months and I really don't want that to happen to me.

Has anyone had any similar experience or advice they would like to share? I just need a little reassurance for my somewhat, silly thoughts. Thanks girls xx

Hi I haven't had the same experience but thought if you were really concerned and the NHS wouldn't bring your appointment forward may be you could pay for one to be done privately. And they aren't silly thoughts, this whole process is scarey no matter what's going on.

:-) Best of luck


Thank you for your reply hun. I'll give my doctors a call and see if they will bring it forward! I just keep thinking, I don't want to go too soon and it just be the same result as before cause she said it usually takes around a year for the cells to return to normal - but I can't help thinking well what if they get worse? It's a confusing time to say the least! Argh, help! lol xx