cervical ectropion very worried (children mentioned)

Hi all,  I'm new here and very confused. I thought I would post here as google searches are making me worry too much. Just looking for some advice from anyone with any experiences!


Im 23 with 2 young children, my last child born nearly a year and a half ago. Since then Ive had really irregular bleeding whilst on the pill, mid month and then after intercourse too. I can usually tell when the bleeding is coming midmonth because I get period cramps.

Anyway I brought this up with my doctor who sent me for swabs to test for STDs, ovbiously all have come back clear. Then today she did an examination and said that I have got what she thinks is cervical ectropion. She said my cervix is red with white spots.. She has refered me to the colposcopy team and she said I should have heard something within the next 2 weeks. Because I am too young for a smear test yet I asked if one could be done. She said if I had a smear with abnormal results Id then be referred to colposcopy and there was talks of a camera or something Im not sure. So she kind of said were skipping a smear. Is this true?

She spoke about treatment but Ive got myself worked up and worried now. Will I have answers soon or is this going to take a while? Please help!! x

From what I've heard about cervical entropion, it is a harmless, while annoying thing. So I would try to put your mind at rest until you hear more from the doctor. 

Also did you know that being on the pill increases your risk of cervical cancer by 5 times? Your risk is quickly lowered after coming off it. But doctors are not disclosing the research and the risks. 

Thank you for your reply Katkin. My doctor is happy for me to stay on the pill and it has done me a lot of good so Im not concerned about that. Like I say the doctor said she thinks its ectropion but thats why she has refered me to check whats going on. I was just wanting advice on what happens at the next appointment and looking for other experiences. Its very hard not to worry with things like this. Thank you for your reply.

The pill is very relevant though. gp's should know this. Oral contraceptives are the main cause of cervical ectropion and yes it does increase your risk of cervical dysplasia and cancer...

The colposcopy really isn't bad. They will use a speculum like with a smear and then put some vinegar solution on your cervix to check for abnormal cells. If the find some abnormal cells they'll probably do a biopsy.

It's very hard, but try & stay positive x

Thank you for your reply! I was given a new pill at my appointment last Friday and this Friday I had an examination. She didn't mention the pill or coming off of it although she did say that can cause the errosion. I asked her if it could turn into anything more serious and she did say no. I read a post on here earlier that worried me as it linked it to cervical cancer diagnosis so I guess I've just got myself worked up. Thank you for the reassurance about the colposcopy  Glad to hear you got the all clear just because Christmas. Should I push for a smear or is the colposcopy enough? Thank you.  

The colposcopy is enough. You'd have it done even with smear. They'll do a biopsy if needed. Fingers crossed its all standard erosion xx

Hi all, 

I'm looking for a bit of advice/reassurance if possible. Last year, I had a hysteroscopy and was told I have a cervical ectropion (I had been having heavy discharge and during my ultrasound the doctor thought he saw a polyp so used the hysteroscopy to check). He found no polyp but did find a cervical ectropion. I had had a smear test a few weeks before and had bled during my smear. He said this may have been because it touched the ectropion and made it bleed. The smear came back normal so he didnt perform a biopsy on the ectropion. He put some silver nitrate on the ectropion. Now I am a year down the line and I still have a heavy discharge. I had a pelvic exam today. They gave me a smaller speculum as they know I find them uncomfortable. The doctor said she could see my ectropion (so it must have come back?). She only caught a quick glance as the speculum actually snapped whilst inside me (has anyone else ever had this happen?! She wasn't touching it at the time so I don't know how it happened, maybe I tensed up?). It's now a few hours later and I have a bit of dark blood on my underwear. It didn't hurt when the speculum snapped and she took it straight out, but I'm concerned that I've bled during a pelvic exam as she didn't actually swab my cervix or anything. All I had was a small plastic speculum put in so I want to know if it's normal to have a bit of blood (it was very small) after just having a speculum in?). Thanks for your help in advance! Cathy 

Hey have you heard anything more?x