Cervical biopsy going to MDT

Hi,im just looking to see if anyone has gone through something similar as I am going out of my mind so here’s the backstory.
End of December I had a smear which came back with high/moderate cell changes and positive HPV.
Two weeks later I went for a colposcopy where a cervical biopsy was taken.I spoke to the hospital on Friday and they said my biopsy is showing inflammation and that my case is going to MDT panel next week.
Has anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome for you?
cheers xx

Hi, I cant offer hindsight yet but to say that i am also waiting for MDM/MDT meeting and the doctor said that its a colposcopy MDM that happens for all if a certain kind if altered changes . With a little research i found a GOV page with all the guidance there and yes it is correct that if the changed cells are of a determined group it goes to discussion even if biopsy is negative/ LLTEZ successful… :crossed_fingers: it comes around quick because the anxiety of it is crazy!

Hi, I’ve had something similar. I had LLETZ a while back but am still having colposcopies pretty much every 6 months at the moment as I’m still HPV positive. One of my results came back as moderate abnormalities but my cervix apparently looked fine so it went to MDT. They said my smear was very difficult to read so they said to cone back in 4 months. They prescribed estrogen pressaries as I had inflammation and atrophy. The next time I went I had no abnormal cells but still HPV positive.