CC Stage 3 nervous on next steps and treatment…

Today I found out my treatment plan following an MRI and staging. Currently staged at 3, but have a PET scan and EAU next week to confirm as consultant said this could change. I have been told my treatment will be Radiotherapy for 5 weeks Monday to Friday alongside Chemotherapy each Wednesday of those weeks. After that il have 1 brachytherapy session a week for 3 weeks or continue with 2 weeks of radiotherapy.
Not too sure how I am feeling about it all at the moment. I am 31 and this has come completely unexpected to me, following my smear then the next thing I had a call from Colposcopy clinic as I was waiting for an appointment that I had no idea about…I had never even received my smear results.

I have read many posts on here that have filled me with hope, and I am really trying to stay positive! Would be great to hear from others going through this at the same time.

I have been told by the end of October I will have started my treatment so should be complete just before Christmas.

Anyone else in a similar position to me? Would love to hear from you!

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I’ve said this a couple of times but as you are a new member and theres lots to trawl through i wil just repeat it.

I was stage three following a history of negative smears much like yourself. That was glassy cell carcinoma…very aggressive. I had the same treatment as you are about to commence.

That was 25 years ago!

Good luck xxx



I am really sorry for your diagnosis it should be a rollercoaster for you. I have done EUA and it is nothing to worry about and after the examination you will be fine. Regarding the chemo rads treatment I have been through 2 years ago and it is doable. It is good that you have a plan and you are going to start the treatment quite soon. Regarding the brachytherapy, I am in Uk and I had 3 session of brachy the one after the other and not within a spam of 3 weeks. I remember I finished the last radiotherapy on Wednesday, on Thursday I had 1 session of brachy and on Friday the other two, one in the morning and the last in the afternoon. It is worth asking your consultant why it is scheduled within 3 weeks. I really hope all the best with your treatment.


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I was diagnosed stage III this time last year, with clear pap smears for my whole life. I had a clear pap smear December 2020 so the diagnosis was a bit of a shock. I am 66 and my husband had died of a glioblastomas brain tumor February 2021 so I was in a state of shock anyway. I am in the US so I was able to go the teaching hospital (have the latest and greatest cutting-edge treatment and research) for consult and they set my protocol treatment. Had radiation, chemotherapy, then a round of brachytherapy, then boost radiation to complete. The radiation and chemotherapy kicked my butt and I was so sick but knew it was temporary. Brachytherapy, even though it is physically invasive was easy and I radiation boost rounded out the time. Be prepared for the side effects and they will linger. I was anxious for the follow up PET scan but was delighted that it came back clean with no disease. That was in March. I am experiencing some lingering side effects but so far so good and my CEA (cancer antigen is normal!). You will be OK. Ask a lot of questions. And be gentle with yourself. Lots of pampering and self care. You can do this!!


Thank you all for your positive comments, it really does help to read about other peoples experiences especially when they are good.

I am preparing myself for the side effects and tough few months ahead.

Tomorrow is my examination under anaesthetic which as the time grows closer I am feeling very anxious about! I have never been put to sleep before, and am also dreading what I am going to feel like after. I know I will be fine in the end but it’s the thought of the unknown that scares me.

Again, thank you all so much for your replies and I am so sorry for what you have all been through xx

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The EUA is very short and you will only be briefly out if it. No pain relief is needed so you will freshen up very quickly afterwards. Some tea and toast and you will be grand. There is nothing to fear!

Karen x

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Hi - I am just about to start the same treatment. I feel like I have been on the fastest rollercoaster since my surprise diagnosis in mid August. I had surgery in September as they thought it was stage 1 but when they were operating they found it has spread - hence the need for the treatment.

I’ve learnt in this very short time that we are all so different on our journeys. I’ve been told so many times how I will feel, what I should do etc. It can be overwhelming.

Personally I found my oncology team meeting really tough going, the information overload was hard to digest! I know I have to get through it, that it’s a time in my life that’s not going to be pleasant but we don’t have a choice if we want to get through it!

Like you I should be finished by Christmas, we might be a little weary but we will be coming out the other side!

Good luck - we’ve got this!


I am a year post treatment with 2 clear scans I was diagnosed as stage 3 C1 with a lymph node involved.
It does sound really daunting all the treatment however I will say the brachytherapy was not as bad as I thought it would be. Stay positive, the waiting for results is the worst but tried to keep busy and focus
on different things.