Starting treatment today stage 3B

Start treatment today
Stage 3B
Phase 1 4 chemo, 20 radiotherapy
Then another MRI scan to decide phase 2
Probably 1 more chemo and 15 more radiotherapy

No brachytherapy is this normal?
I may get around to asking my oncologist at some stage, I didn’t at the time because I thought it was normal for some of us not to have it. But after reading lots of other brave and inspiring women’s stories and their treatments and experiences it seems to be rare.

Stay strong everyone and wish me well


You can do this, Hazel. I go for my MRI today and radiation simulation later this week. Just finished egg harvesting on Friday. My doctor has recommended 5 weeks of radiation and low-dose chemo (5 chemo total + 25 radiation). Then 5 sessions of brachytherapy. My oncologist staged me at 3A prior to my PET scan after which I learned that I have two lymph nodes affected. I am located in the US though.

Let me know how your first session goes. Sending hugs.

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We can do this kittycat. You are having a busy week too hope all went and goes well. Glad to hear you finished with the egg harvesting, you can get on and start concentrating on getting rid of this beast.

First day of radiation today was a doddle can’t even tell I have had anything done. I guess that probably won’t last long. Roll on tomorrow.

Sending hugs and best wishes.

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Hi Hazel,

I am sorry for your diagnosis, it should be very difficult to get your head around. I am just wondering where are you base? Did you have a hysterectomy ? It is the first time I am hearing about a treatment regime with phases…
it is worth asking your oncologist why he doesn’t recommend brachytherapy.
Be strong :muscle:

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Thanks Maria87
It is difficult getting your head around it isn’t it.
I’m based in the north of England, I haven’t had an hysterectomy as I was told surgery was not an option. I didn’t know phases was unusual as at the time I thought that was normal, but now you have mentioned it I haven’t read any other posts with phases mentioned either. Maybe another question to ask.

Hi Hazel,

Yes it is definitely something to ask, I am based in London and I had chemo radiation with brachytherapy. Unfortunately for me as well hysterectomy wasn’t an option. If you have the courage to read check this out. It is the uk guidance for treatment.

I really hope all the best with your treatment. it will be quite difficult 2 months but afterwards the recovery isn’t too bad. It is amazing the resilience of the body.



Hi Hazel,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I’m based in Singapore and I’ve seen cases where at stage 3, they skip brachythereapy but only cases where the tumor size is relatively small and doctors expect full response with just external radiation. But everyone’s cancer is so different that sometimes when the tumor’s slow to respond to external radiation, brachy is there to completely destroy what’s left. I was diagnosed with stage 3c and brachy practically saved my life because my tumor was slow to respond to external radiation. Would definitely ask your oncologist about this. Sending lots of hugs!


Thank you for your replies they gave me so much strength to get through this.

I am making a list ready for my oncologist.

Today was another easy day not looking forward to chemo day tomorrow though it’s going to be a long one.


Hi Hazel,

Happy to hear that it sounds like your radiation is going well. Does “doddle” mean “easy”? Can you share how long the radiation treatments are and describe them for me? I haven’t started yet. I was scheduled to have my MRI yesterday and I have claustrophobia and anxiety so bad, I wasn’t able to go through with it, unfortunately.

Hi Kittycat

Yes doddle does mean easy, but I’m not expecting it to be a “doddle” when the side effects kick in.

I feel for you suffering from anxiety and claustrophobia not a good combination for all these scans we have to have. I lay back close my eyes and think happy thoughts, not easy I know in what we are going through.

The radiation treatment is very quick, 10 minutes tops. It’s the emptying the bowel and bladder, drinking the bottle of water, waiting for it to fill your bladder again, that’s what’s time consuming.

The radiation is hard to describe it’s like a MRI scanner but it’s not a tunnel. you lie down on a bench like the scanner they line you up with your tattoos, then these big plates/discs things go around you, not close and I wouldn’t say claustrophobic at all. It’s not noisy but there was this loud cranking sound for a second and I nearly jumped out of my skin (I don’t know if that was normal or not). I think you’ll be fine with it because it’s definitely not a tunnel.

Hope you’ll be okay in getting your MRI scan soon.

Stay strong and sending lots of hugs

We can do this (I keep telling myself that)

Hazel xxx


Thanks, Hazel. That’s all really helpful for me. Glad you’re finding the radiation easy so far! Everyone talks about how the hardest part is keeping your bladder full. I’m sure I’ll learn soon enough why that is. lol

My biggest hurdle is my anxiety and the MRI. I requested yesterday that they put me under in order to do so. I really wish I didn’t have to do that, but it is what it is. I’m more scared of the MRI than the any of the treatments or side effects. Friday I get my “simulation” scan, but that’s a big open donut, so I should be fine.

Sending you big hugs from California!

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