Stage 3??

Hi guys

I have just had a biopsy under GA and the consultant thinks i have CC stage 3. I have to wait 2 weeks for this to be confirmed, in the meantime could anyone shed me some light on how much hope there is for me?

I would be forever grateful xxx

Hi honey,

Sorry you have had to come to Jo's,but you have come to the

right place.You are bound to be worried sick at the moment,and

nothing I can say will get rid of the worry.On the other hand there

are loads of ladies on here to give you hope,support and advice all

the way through your treatment.

You are just starting on this and thats the hardest part.Try and take

a big breath and take one day at a time.If you can fill the next two

weeks with lovely things to do and see friends and family,that helps.

Anything you need to ask,go for it.

Take care

Becky x



Hello my love,

so sorry you are having to go through this. I would be very surprised if you had to wait as long as two weeks, they will have put it as urgent if they strongly suspect cc. Start ringing them next week. Waiting is so stressful. You may not get a proper grading until there has been a team meeting to discuss your results; I am surprised your consultant jumped in at the biopsy stage to tell you that. did they say what they'd based that staging on? You may find it changes.

i will have everything crossed that you get better news than you are expecting, but one way or the other we'll all be here for you.

Molly xxxx

Hi Molly

Well they just said in their opinion its looking like stage 3 which means its too advanced for surgery. The thing is though I am in terrible pain to the point where its unbearable which tells me they are right. xxx

Hi Libby,

Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry to hear your diagnosis and would just like to echo everything Molly has said above. We can't of course, tell you how much hope there is for you. As you know, cancer is staged to give it some kind of framework but within any stage you can still be either lucky or unlucky. It is never a good idea to try to research your own prognosis on the internet, let your doctors do that for you, they have plenty of experience. Please share your news with us, however good or bad it turns out to be, we are all here for you.

Be lucky