Catheter Problems

Hi all, me again!

I’m really struggling having a catheter in. I had a radical hysterectomy, lymph node removal and partial vaginectomy last Wednesday. I’ve had my catheter removed twice now and failed on both occasions. I’m 30 years old btw. 

I really didn’t want another one back in. I know a catheter in the grand scheme of things is trivial but the constant soreness down below and nerve pain in my legs as it rubs against me is making life unbearable. 

Has anyone got any tips because I can’t take all of this much longer. 

Thank you - I’m also sorry for the constant moaning. 

Aww Nurserose, I don’t really have any tips but I just wanted you to know I’m sending virtual hugs and thinking of you xxx

Hi Lotty. Thank you so much! I definitely need them! How are you? 


I’m doing ok I think? Waiting on my date for hysterectomy which I’m terrified about but my staging is officially 1A1 which I’m delighted about (imagine being delighted about having a cancer but it is the best of a **** situation). I have been offered conservative management if I want it but I’m not sure, on 1 hand I don’t really want an operation but on the other hand if I have a reoccurrence I’ll be so devastated that it could’ve been avoided! 

Anyway enough about me, how are you? apart from the peeing, which fingers crossed will resolve soon. Sometimes your bladder gets a bit battered about and needs a small break. Then it’ll start working again. Xxxx

 Wish I could offer some advice, I had my op keyhole so was never in any pain from the catheter. Maybe give your dedicated nurse a call and see if she can offer you some tips. If its rubbing your legs they maybe able to make it more secure. I also found the big light support knickers stopped it moving about up in the nether regions.

Hope you are feeling better soon xx


I had trouble with my catheter after my hysterectomy. It’s took two goes for me to pass enough urine for it to be out for good I’m 4 months on now and I still have trouble on and off with weeing. 

But when I had the catheter in it used to irritate me so much I think it’s just a case of finding a comfortable position for it. I never used the small bag unless I was up and about which wasn’t a lot in the first few weeks. And instead of using the leg strap for the small bag I just used to carry it around the house which took the pressure off it a bit  

I understand your frustration with it though it’s one of the only times I’ve cried during my whole journey. I hope it stays out soon!

Alice xx

Hey nurserose

How are you getting on?xx

I am so sorry for the late reply! 

It has been a truly awful week, catheter is still in and now starting bladder training. Part of me wished I never had the surgery. I’m pretty sure some people in my life think I’m making a big deal out of this which I probably am but wasn’t cancer and not being able to have children at 30 enough!

I will be glad if I never see another catheter for as long as I live! The irony due to me actually being a nurse (I’ve just never had my own catheter before and gynae is not my speciality)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply! 

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. I’m a midwife and sometimes think we’re a bit hard on ourselves when we’re the patient?!

 I think you’re doing amazing, you’ve had a really tough ride and while you try and stay strong for as much as you can sometimes it doesn’t take much to tip you over, well me anyway. I’ve never had a catheter either and I can’t say I’m too excited about having one!

Hope this weeks a better week! Thinking of you and I think you’re doing a brilliant job! Love to you xxx