catheter removal

Hi everyone,


I am now one week post radical hysterectomy and due to have my catheter out on Wednesday. Hooooorah!!! BUT how many of you have had to have it reinserted due to bladder retention? I'm terrified I go and then they decide to put it back in think I'd have a break down!! 


Charlene xx

hiya charlene, 

firstly sorry to hear about your hysterectomy!  

although I haven't been in your position I know from work experience that catheters are only put back in if youve had bad urine output and havent passed urine for moe than 24hours, they like to leave it as long as possible without putting one back in as they encourage a 'lazy bladder' so to speak which can lead to incontinence.. you might develop cystitis after removal as the urethra gets knocked but thats easily treated!  so make sure you drink plenty :) hope this helps!! xx

Thank you so much. Definitely reassuring I have bladder sensation etc so hoping for the best I just hate the thing so much don't think I'll handle it if it's got to stay any longer. I have quite a sensitive bladder so it's been irritating from day 1. Thank you tho feel much better xx