Hi All,

Today I am 4 weeks post op (Radical Hysterectomy)

After the OP i have been catherterised except for 4 days last week where I went without after a TWOc (Trying without cathter) appointment at the hospital. Unfortunately my bladder packed up again and I had to have a catheter reinserted.

My tumour was growing through the nerves feeding my bladder or vice versa and the tumour was found to be 1mm away from my bladder, so obviuosly my bladder has had a bit of a shock!!


Anyone had anything like this? Anyone find self catherterising nigh on impossible (like me)? Anyone who can tell me 'Yeah my bladder didn't work for 6 weeks and now it's fine???????'


Thanks in advance.



Hi I had my op in aug 13 and hated the self cafeatate but im still having trouble with my bladder it doesnt feel the same I wee like a 90 year old woman go all the time haha  on going joke for friends but is a pain in the bum I had my first remission appt jan 14 and I feel im back to using the toilet even more my doctor said its common and that inside takes time to heal so I hope things will get better. Its a slow process but we all will get there just be careful as I found I became prone to water infections alot


Hi I know everyone is different so hoping things will settle soon for u. I had rad hyst Oct 13 and have had to self catheters 4/5 times a day since then. I had numerous urine infections so am now on a prophylactic antibiotic ( everyday ) and that seems to have helped loads. As for the catheterising I'm waiting now to be referred to urologist. This prob not much help to you but just wanted you to know it can take a while x

Just an update in case anyone looks here for help in the future.

Had my catheter removed on 3rd March so nearly 2 months after op. I am weeing but not emptying bladder completely so have to self catherterise 3x a day. Have been referred to Urologist to see if there is anything they can do. Will keep updating as and when.

Keep on keeping on!