can't help but think it's something more (children mentioned)

Hi all

I'm new to all this.. I know alot of people will be. 

I had a borderline smear, referred for colp and punch biopsy and now results back at cin3. I have got two children and I have alot of symptoms. 

I can't help but think the worst. Has anyone else had that feeling of knowing something isn't right and it won't be good news. I know we should all be positive but the bloody mind is a crazy thing haha. Having loop treatment next Wednesday.. So scared (labour feels like nothing to all this) haha. Are most people's biopsies from colposcopy same as results from loop treatment? 



HHi Zajones. I am currently waiting on biopsy results from 5 samples taken Thursday. It's interesting to me that you were told after a biopsy that it was cin 3. I was told I had cin3 before I ever had a biopsy. I am very concerned about this as well. I too have a feeling this is probably more than dysplasia. My history with abnormal smears is long. My first abnormal smear was 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. The next smear was normal. Next abnormal smear came when I was pregnant with my 3rd and youngest child. I was told I probably had pregnancy induced dysplasia. My own fault, I know, but after that smear in 2003, I didn't have another pap test until this past May. 12 years later. I lost my mother to breast cancer in February, and before she died, she made me promise her I would get checked out. So I did, and now I'm scared to death! I regret not having pap tests for so many years. I honestly thought since they called it "pregnancy induced" and smears were always clear once the baby was born, I honestly thought I was fine. Big mistake, and one that could cost me dearly. I don't know how long it takes for biopsy results to come back, but I feel like I'm on pins and needles. I don't know what a LEEp procedure feels like, I have never had one. My treatment will more than likely be some sort of hysterectomy, whether it be simple, or radical will be decided by the biopsy. I feel the same way as you. Just have a feeling that it's more than they're saying. I try to be positive also, but some days it just gets the better of me. Best wishes to you.