Cancelled coloscopy

Hi had smear in feb got call last week saying cin 3 I was booked in for coloscopy tomorrow I have been really anxious as I missed a couple of snears and convinced myself it’s worse than they think ,been off work sick with all the stress now today had a call cancelling appointment as doctor off sick , next appointment is April 12 I asked if this the earliest app they had was told yes so asked if it’s ok to leave the coloscopy that long seeing as I’m cin3 she said yes it’s fine ,has anyone else app been been cancelled if they thought was more serious would they leave it this long any reassurance would be great as I’ll have to teturn to work with all this in my mind Thanks 

Hi Kezzie, 

My first colposcopy appointment was booked a week after my smear result. I had to postpone due to my period being due and got appointment for 6th Feb, 3 weeks later. I then had a lletz on 27th Feb. I don't think in the scheme of things that weeks are hugely important in terms of any sinister developments. At least I hope not as I had my smear test mid December and now still waiting on my results!

The waiting will be awful but there are amazing ladies on here to help you an reassure you on your journey xx