Waiting for colposcopy

Hi all

I have had my smear results back as Cin and Gcin cells present, I have had an urgent appt through for a colposcopy and am scared out of my wits! 

Has anyone else been in this situation having both sets of cells? I'm under the understanding that it's the Gcin cells that is the worrying ones as they are harder to remove, ie always returning?

im at the stage of even considering Hysterectomy but I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, 

any advice welcomed xx

Hiya, my smear came back as severe abnormalities, had colposcopy yesterday and two areas found that need removing but can't just do separate they have to remove all the area, so back on Tuesday under local anesthetic I'm absolutely terrified of being put to sleep so praying that the local will be ok. It's the worst time ever I can't eat or sleep in in the loo every 10 mins! I think once they send it off it's about a 4 week wait for results. I'm the same if googled worst case senario and then you start to convince yourself! I think it's more common than we think for people to have abnormalities I've spoken to 3 people I know who have said they had the same or know somebody. It's just the waiting isn't it. X

Thanks so much Lauren for replying, I've been waiting a week now and was meant to be have my colposcophy today but they rang up and cancelled it as the consultant was sick! I'm now re scheduled for Monday but the waiting is so horrible, do they have an idea when they do the colposcopy of what's going on? Did they give you any other information as I'm so worried xx