Can a couple clear hpv?

Hi ladies!
Does anyone know if a couple can ever clear hpv or it will stay positive forever as we keep reinfecting each other every time?
I’m so worried, any ideas please?

Hi Sil, I’d really love to know the answer to that too. I just had hrHPV with cell changes result recently (smear test was 12 Jan) and currently awaiting a colposcopy. My long term partner also has an autoimmune condition, and l worry about it bouncing back and forward. We’re currently abstaining from all intimate touch, which is rough. I’ve just ordered a self test kit from Superdrug, to see if mine has cleared yet. But no test for men, it would appear! Sending hugs x

It would be good to know wouldn’t it haha! After researching all I’ve found is preventative measures so the main points are condoms while your infected, boosting immune systems for both people (were both taking AHCC and other vitamins) and also getting the vaccine, again neither of us had the HPV vaccine and although it doesn’t get rid the doctor told us that it will prevent other strains and also help your body fight the HPV infection! God knows if any of this will work but it’s worth ago, that’s what we’ve been doing! Hoping when I have my review smear in 6 months it’s clear :crossed_fingers:t4: