Looking for info regarding HPV+ smear

Hi everyone,


I recently had my first smear test (25 year old) and was told that I am HPV positive, but had no abnormal cells. 


I understand that HPV is extremely common and most people will clear the virus from their system within 24 months, therefore my HPV positive smear is not uncommon.

I am now worried as I was more sexually active when I was younger (from 17 - 22) and I would expect that I had already "caught" the HPV virus at some point during this time. If this was the case, why hasn't the HPV virus cleared by this age (25)? I am worrying that this is an indicator that I have a persistant HPV infection. 


I think my overall question is - are there any ladies out there who had the HPV virus for more than 24 months and then cleared the infection?? Or is there anybody who has been in my situation (sexually active when younger, found out they had HPV a few years later) and then went on to clear the virus??


I have looked on previous forum posts and the internet but have not found relevent information. 


Also - with my results would it be worthwhile paying for a private smear in 6 months time? 


Thank you so so much in advance x

I was hpv positive for nearly 5 years! Had my first clear result january last year, my first positive result was 3 months after my daughter who is now 6 and a half! So yes possible its been longer i was a smoker for the later 3 years which stops or hinders the virus from clearing up.