HPV forever?

I have recently tested positive for HPV with borderline changes.

My partner and I have been together for 5 years and my last smear test was clear.

Does this mean that as my body was unable to clear it within 2 years I will now have it forever?

Has anyone been in the same situation and rested negative

i am exactly the same - 25 and have been with my boyfriend 5 years, just went for my first smear test and had hpv and abnormal cells. I have spoken to a bunch of friends who are in exactly the same boat - been with respective boyfriends for years (one since she was 16) and no infidelity and have a hpv positive diagnosis. So confusing and i am sick of reading that most people clear it in two years.

Anyway best of luck with it alll, i hope we get some answers xo

I am 23 years old and my first couple paps came out normal, but my last one did not. I was diagnosed with CIN1 and HPV in April 2021. ( The doctor never fully told me what type HPV I have nor am I even sure if mild dysplasia and HPV are the same thing. ) Before reading this forum my doctor said on a " scale to 1-10… I am at like a 1 and it will go away on it’s own… but how?? I am trying to educate myself without reading too much online and freaking myself out. When the doctors tell us “it will go away on it’s own” I don’t understand if it “sheds” or disappears naturally if you are taking the correct precautions, vitms, etc. My mom never got me the HPV vaccine when I was younger, but my doctor did advise me to go and get it to help prevent further problems. I was REALLY REALLY down and hard on myself at first, an awful funk, but the days and anxiety is getting better but the waiting game for another pap sucks, but hoping I go back with the results of it being fully gone. BUT IS IT EVER FULLY GONE OR IS IT JUST NOT SHOWING IN OUR SYSTEMS ANYMORE?? ARE YOU MORE PRONE TO GETTING IT AGAIN?? It would be amazing if these doctors really took the time to explain more thoroughly. Also, don’t even get me started on significant others… I’m just now starting to feel comfortable dating again, but knowing I have this and all the UNKNOWNS makes it very hard for me to even wrap my head around another relationship right now. If it has actually “gone away by itself”, should you still tell your partner? Hence, my question in all caps from earlier, does it ever fully go away? Help a girl out, sending blessings

Jo’s Trust has great help and information pages. There is one about HPV:


You should find answers to these questions there. How can you get rid of it? There is no known way, other than your immune system defeating it. Most people’s immune system is strong enough to do so, but some people cannot. The only thing that might help therefore is to strengthen your immune system.

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does anyone know - can dyskaryosis go away while hpv is still present
i have low grade dyskaryosis but i think i have ongoing hpv as i have been with my boyfriend 5 years since i was 20. Will low grade dyskaryosis every go away on its own or is it only if you clear the hpv. I feel as though i am never going to clear the hpv now and it is going to be an ongoing problem in my life - especially as i am only 25 and already have cell changes :frowning:

I’m 42, I’ve been with my husband for over 20 years and he’s my only sexual partner. I found out I had HPV in May this year. It was a complete shock that I’ve had this virus for such a long time and I was completely unaware. I’ve been having smears since I was 21 and they’ve always been normal. I didn’t really know very much about HPV until recently. So apparently over 80% of the population carry it at some point, many clear it within a couple of years and never know they’ve had it. It can also be dormant for many years and reactivate in some women many years later, particularly when their immune systems are low. I personally believe losing my dad 18 months ago has reactivated mine although I’ll never know for sure. I’ve been very stressed and I’ve not been looking after my myself. I did ask my consultant if it was still possible for me to clear HPV he looked doubtful to be honest but did say it was possible. I think the younger you are the better the chances are. If you search for HPV on this forum there was a recent post about a lady that did manage to clear it and she shared everything she did that she believes could have helped. Since I found out I’ve been taking vitamins, trying to eat healthier and I’ve cut down on alcohol too. I walk daily with my dog anyway but once I’ve stopped bleeding from my recent LLetz I’m going to start exercising more too. It may or may not work but it certainly can’t hurt.

Hi how do I strengthen my ammune system.? Just had test results, hpv. Devastated and worried s

I went back to my yearly well women’s check up/ pap. If you look up in the thread, I was so lost, confused, losing hope. I now am clear of ALL abnormal cells and everything came back normal!! God is good!! Stay positive, hopeful and healthy. It is possible and I am so blessed to be able to type this out today. I couldn’t even recognize who I was a year ago due to this situation. Self struggles, relationship struggle, faith struggles!