Bright red blood 2 weeks after lletz

I had a colposcopy and lletz treatment 16 days ago. I had pink watery discharge for around 12 days and now the blood is bright red and not getting any better. I am not passing lots it's just worrying me that the blood is bright red as if from a wound.  It's definately not my period. I am on antibiotics in case of infection but it's still happening. Does anybody know if it's normal To have bright red bleeding so long after the procedure? Thanks 

Hi Kate 

I had the same thing happening to me after two and a half weeks following LLETZ. Called the hospital and then my GP. They told me any bright red fresh blood could be sign of infection . Had a 7 day course of antibiotics . He said if it persisted maybe another different antibiotic would be needed possibly a swab and a hormonal tablet to stop the bleed . Hope this helps . I didn't need this , but I can understand your worry . Hope you get sorted xx

It's normal, basically when u had your lletz they seal your cervix wound with silver nitrate. This stops any bleeding. the same as everywhere else on ur body it will form a scab, then that falls off, then a smaller scab will grow and so on. So basically after a lletz you are expected to bleed from about day 7-14 as that's when the scab (silver nitrate) tends to come away. This leaving an open wound as such and this is why the blood is fresh red blood, after a few days this should calm down and your body will start to heal again and it should stop bleeding. However... Keep an eye on ur bleeding if u soak through a pad in an hour more than twice on the trot then you will need to go to a&e to have them put more silver nitrate on to help seal the wound again. But it's normal to have a heavy period type amount, just not soaking through in an hour. Keep an eye on it as if u do then u need to go hospitAl asap as you will loose blood. the heavy bleeding can be caused by infection yet Ur on anti b anyway so unless you notice increased pain or unpleasant smell or like I say really soaking through then its likely Ur anti b are working. So take it easy, no baths. Xxx

Hi I had my lletz treatment on the 26th August  I now have bright red blood am a bit worried I don't think it an infection course there not horrible smell and I was just wondering how long it will last thanks xx

Gem gem your response has calmed my mind a bit more than the million bits of information I've been reading and I thank you for that. I've been bleeding 6 days now after being re-cauterised already 15 days ago... Am so fed up I just want it to stop. It's a normal heavy bleed and pretty red. If it just calmed down a bit my mind would chill out but it's quite a consistent bleed and I keep getting way too panicy about it. However I'm going to go doctors tomorrow for a check up after advice from the colposcopy unit earlier. I've already had complications once don't want another setback I'm supposed to be starting new job in 2 weeks. It's doing my head in all this. 


Caz x