Bleeding 2 weeks after lletz worried

Hi has anyone had bright red heavy bleeding 2 weeks after lletz?

Hi @Smear

This is usually a normal sign that things are healing the way they should… around 10 days (give or take a few days) after LLETZ bleeding can get heavier and can resemble a period

Joes advice on bleeding is;


About 85 in 100 (85%) people experience bleeding after LLETZ. About 15 in 100 (15%) people do not experience bleeding. Bleeding is expected after LLETZ and can last between 2 days to up to 4 weeks.

You may have bleeding because of the soft scab that forms on the cervix where the cells were removed. This may bleed while it heals.

The bleeding is usually like a period, but may be slightly heavier than your normal period. About 10 days after treatment, the bleeding may get heavier. This is common and a sign that the scab is healing. Your first period after treatment may be slightly heavier or out-of-sync with your regular cycle." Xx

Thanks they think its the infection i have, my metronidazole finishes tomorrow. Its bright red blood is that normal?thanks for answering me @Tinkerbelle29 . Am 2weeks since lletz i dont have periods as menopausal

Oh i see, yes hun that colour is normal and the bleeding shouldnt be heavier than needing to change a pad every hour, these things are expected for upto the 4 week mark mine stopped right on 4 weeks … colours of concern are usually green and yellow xx

Oh ok thanks i had very smelly brown discharge and had temperature so got antibiotics and now they said if bright red fresh blood still happening after antibiotics finish to go back to the hospital @Tinkerbelle29 so i not sure why they said this

Hi @Tinkerbelle29 is it normal to wake up morning with pad full bright red blood hun x? 15days after lletz am finished my antibiotics for the infection thst was smelly discharge

Since being awake have you needed to change the pad every hour? … I would maybe give your doctor a call if you havnt already, i mean it sounds normal to me i had bright red blood and i was checked and deemed fine but if they have told you to go back if it still happens after youve finished your course of meds, its probably best to do that hun xx

Hi no not every hour its going bck to lighter colour and smelly a bit and i been feeling flushed when doing stuff and temp up slightly am so uo and down yrsterday felt not bad in myself today hot cold and off again tablets finished nowxx hate bothering my dr

Its changed from bleeding bright red to smelly lighter goodness knows @Tinkerbelle29 sorry to bother you

Does it smell foul or does it smell like veg? Lol weird question i know lol but the veg smell can be normal i checked with my doctor i dont know the science behind it but i had it and others have also reported a funny veg scent, i felt like others could smell me lol xx

I’m still bleeding, and on day 11 after an LLETZ. Hope to get results at end of this week. This thread has been very helpful, thank you. Quick question- can I exercise now? The doc said no for at least 2 weeks! but surely a gentle jog or a Pilates class would be ok?I usually cycle to work but have been driving. Or should I wait for bleeding to stop? Wishing you all the best xxx

Hi @Vic1

Its best to hold off on workouts for upto 4 weeks or anything that can work up a sweat, some women have even found the housework to be too much, everybody heals differently and its hard when we go out of sync with our routines, but we have still had a surgical procedure that needs time to heal it, would be best to hold off in my opinion xx

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Hi its smells when not bright red blood more browny pink of rotten veg and before went on antibiotics it smelt of thst then a very horrible fish smell was awful. My temps been up down today but hoping i feel. Better tomorrow.

Ok yeah i have been having a rough 16days infection to weak to do much at all and still feeling weak doing housework etc body just gets hot feeling and shattered x Thats quick for results i was told 4weeks x yeah take it easy

Hi have you been feeling fine in yourself apart from bleeding xx

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Thanks for your replies. Really appreciate them. Yes the blood is bright red. I’ll hold off on excercise then. I don’t want to take any chances. I hope your infection clears up xxxx strong

Hi Vic 1
6 days in here. Still bleeding a lot but it’s driving me mad not being able to exercise. Even walking the dog slowly makes it worse. Aghhhh! 4 weeks …