Well today came round pretty quickly!!

I’m here at the hospital and there isn’t a bed or room for me!! So I’m sat in the family waiting room!!

The plan for my treatment is to be put to sleep tomorrow morning at 7:30 MRI or CT scan then my treatment will be planned so I will have a two hour wait.

I’ll then be taken down for treatment which will be around 30 minutes then back up to the ward until Wednesday morning when I will have another scan and the process starts again!

I don’t even know if I can have anything to eat!

I’ve gone back to just drinking water, I have some cranberry and Ribena with me as well. I’ve reduced my caffeine intake a lot since treatment started as I really haven’t fancied hot drinks at all. Maybe the juice wasn’t helping but it was only barley which I was told to drink any way!

Will keep you updated x

So this isn’t going well. I’m still not in a room or in a bed. I’m sat with all my stuff in the family waiting area. Where the doctor came to speak to me and take my bloods in front other some other people.

I asked if I could eat the nurse said yes I’ll send her down. They forgot about me and I’ve had no tea.

All they had left was mackerel salad which I didn’t think was wise to eat.

My dad is coming to see me for evening visiting. I’ve told him to bring me some food.

I will find out in the next hour what’s happening but if there is no bed I’ll have to wait till next week.

Some of it comes down to how long I am willing to sit here and wait. After 4 hours I’m going to say not much longer!

No way  that is awful i am so sorry you are having this hassle you could do without. Loz I hope they get you sorted soon so you can be one down closer to the end. Big Hugs xx

I'm sorted!!

im in a private room. It's quite nice and it has an en suite and a tv I can move about. i have a nice view out the window little rabbits keep hopping by. 

Shame I won't be mobile tomorrow as there is a  a little walk laid out by lights.

Still waiting on my dad!! Ha

Hello dear, glad to hear you're all settled and ready for the last round. I wish you successfull treatment and all the best with the outcome. In the meantime enjoy your room and the view and don't worry - there'll be many more beautiful places to fo for a walk once this period is over! 

Brilliant glad your sorted in your private room worth waiting for  I hope someone feeds you soon are you will be a bag a bones lol try and relax it will all be worth it xx

Just had an enema ready for tomorrow morning. 

At least you know why they brought you on the night before! !!!!!

Did you know you were having one,?

You'll be glad of it tomorrow,  on my first session I was trumping away and it made me uncomfortable. 

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.  

No idea I was having and my goodness. That was horrendous ha. I hate going to the toilet for that any way lol. 

Just been woken up to have more bloods done. My white blood cells and platelets have come back low. They are sending them to another hospital to find out if I can have the treatment tomorrow morning as the lab here doesn't open till 8am 

Hi Lozley, 

hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Thinking of you x


Hi Loz hope it goes well today the enema is to  keep you on your toes Literally lol your in the right place to get your bloods sorted they did before when you started treatment and you didnt look back. its all the waiting did they give you a time? I will be keeping everything crossed for you today Big hugs xx


I’m back on the ward! All has gone well. Was really strange being put to sleep. Apparently I was fighting it at first but then off I went.

When I came round I was in a little bit of pain but nothing too bad. I was given some morphine which has taken the edge off. I then went for an MRI scan and CT scan then back to the ward.

The nurses today are so lovely and I have just spoken to my consultant who is very happy with how my treatment has gone and he told me my tumour is now the size of a garden pea and this brachy will sort that out.

I was so happy I started crying!!

Just laid in bed now watching tv. I can feel that something is in there but that’s all I really feel at the moment

Hiya :-)

So glad to hear it has worked out OK for you :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you. Just had some more pain relief. I've been told that my first lot of brachy will be half 2. 

They have also mentioned that my red blood count is low again. Possible blood transfusion tomorrow 

Good luck with it all. Sounds as though you are coping brilliantly, and such great news that the chemo rads have been so successful. Something to get you through it. X

Hey I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet. 

Ive been in terrible pain all afternoon and nothing seemed to be taking the edge off. I went down for my first treatment and I was in tears. They managed to get the machine connected I had to have gas and air. 

I had one ten minute treatment and my consultant came in to have a look as to why I was in so much pain. He took some of the packing out and it made a difference for a few seconds then i was in pain again. 

The decision was made to take the rods out. I had one treatment and I will be having 8 more radio starting after Easter. 

Please don't let this scare you. Something obviously wasn't right for me to be in that much pain. 

Im so gutted and I feel like I'm not giving myself the best chance I can 

I'm still in hospital on pain relief x

Hi Lozi my family think i have lost the plot after reading your post i started cheering not because of your pain but because your tumour is the size of a pea. If i remember your tumour was 7cm? that is amazing i am so happy for you. Im so sorry you have been in so much pain but Brachy is not for everyone and your having more Radiotherapy after easter just enjoy the break. I  know we get the treatment plan in ours heads and if it doesnt go to plan we panic and think maybe things wont work well thats just a rumour. Like you my plan has changed my chemo has been cancelled and i may not be able to tolerate Cisplatin I panicked until a Nurse took time to explain they have lots of tricks up their sleeves lol It just means we are SPECIAL. Lots of love xx

Sorry you been in pain but so pleased to read the other piece of news. Get that brachytherapy done and as your Consultant said you'll be sorted. Amazing.

lots of love



I hope your pain is easing now. 

I'm sure your 8 external will be as good as your cancelled brachy sessions.  If they didn't think so,  they maybe would have talked you into trying another session?  Maybe they've seen now that it's only pea sized and are confident that they can target the pea and kill it in 8 sessions.

If it was 7cm to begin with and 28 sessions have got it down to a pea size,  then 8 more will surely more than finish the job x 

Hope you sleep well tonight x 

Thank you for your kind words. I'm still over the moon about the tumour as was my husband and family. 

Im still at hospital as I have an infection and a temperature. I have started being sick as well which isn't nice. 

The pain is easing off. I'm having dia morphine every two hours. My consultant seemed very happy and he made the choice to take them out. They were just taking some packing out. 

I am still laying down and i still have the catherta in  I've asked for it to be taken out and they said no

going to try and get some sleep now. 

Thanks again for your support xxx