10 days treatment to go!!!



Hi, sorry I haven't been on here for a while but I've had a rough week, chemo finally caught up on Tuesday, weather not helping as its so hot and muggy!!!, anyway I only have 10 days left (2 chemo and 10 radiotherapy), doctor went through my brachatherapy treatment OUCH!! not sounding scared or anything but while I had chemo on Monday two ladies were wheeled in after having rods inserted, not looking forward to that treatment even though doctor said I may not need the full three days?, got an MRI booked for the 29th to see if its shrunk which I'm anxious about, can't believe its going to be nearly over, cant say its been great with the travelling, treatments and my bowels are playing up but I guess it's nearly done now, just wanted to say I'm proberly one of lifes worst worriers and scardey cats and I'm managing, strong family and great friends has helped.xxxx

Hi wishing you the very best with the rest of your treatment and Good luck when it comes to your results! Xx

Glad it's nearly all done for you hun good luck with your scan be thinking of you mines the 4th August! I'm pretty nervous aswel here's to us both getting some good news xx

congrats babe, youve doen so well! i know how you feel after looking back when you first started... its a mad tiring journey but its do-able so get through the last of it and celebrate with a glass of bubbly after. good luck with the scan... keep us all updated xx

Hi Caroline

Good to hear from you.  You've been so strong coping with all that, hang in there - not too long to go now.  I'll keep everything crossed for you that the results are good.  Keep us posted.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

I have 3 days of radiotherapy left then start the dreaded internal in Friday eek! But I figure I've got this far, I can do that too. Really can't believe how fast it has gone, I remember thinking that five weeks was a lifetime. But for anyone about to start a positive attitude really does help, some of the people I have met at the hospital have blown me away with how much they have been through and yet still smile.

So tired, feel like I spend all my time either at hospital, asleep or on the loo!

I'm so desperate for that glass of bubbles, but I've totally gone off wine, even the smell makes me sick. I'm not going to lie, I love wine, and I'm worried I'm never going to like it again lol. 

Good luck, ten days is nothing now!

Keep us posted.


Hi Caroline

So glad you are nearing the end of your treatments.   I was originally planned for 3 brachy treatments, but this was reduced to 2 treatments after the the MRI was reviewed and they could no longer see any active diseease .....    I will keep my fingers crossed for you .....   After everything else that we go through before the brachy treatment, I can honestly say it was nowhere near as bad as I had built it up in my mind, and the staff were great .... 

Baylee - during my treatments my taste buds seemed go crazy - all the things I loved I couldnt even cope with the smell .... coffee, coke, chinese food, wine  - you name it, it turned my stomach... I ended up living on water and bland food.    Thankfully after the treatment my taste buds gradually returned to normal and now I can enjoy eveything as I did before...  With the bowels and tiredness - both of these improved significantly within 2 weeks of my treatment ending.  

Good luck to both of you (and all the others still having treatment) with the remainder of your treatments and the final results - nearly there ....

Take care


Hi Caroline,

well done,not long to go now.Hope everything works out well

and you get fantastic results.

Take care

Becky x