Brachytherapy day!

Got here early due to no traffic. Been brought straight through.
I’m in a room with a single bed, sink and some weird looking machinery. I’ve unpacked all my snacks, filled in a questionnaire, answered some questions, blood pressure taken, temperature taken, weighed, had loperimide, got undressed and gone and the nurse has put some socks on me. I’m just waiting now for the Dr to come I think.
Just been told that after my treatment, I have to wait 4 hours before I go home.
I think I’m waiting for blood to be taken too.
Will keep you updated

After speaking to the Dr and anaesthetist I was taken to theatre. After some confusion with consent forms I was canulated and one of the anaesthetists was chatting to me, I felt drowsy and the next thing I knew I was being woken up. 

Wow. I couldn't feel anything at all. I expected it to be really uncomfortable but so far it's not. 

I got taken to the mri scan and slid onto the table and was injected wit buscopan. Scan took 10 mins. I got slid back onto the trolley,  brought back to the ward then slid on my bed and here I am watching tv.

I feel quite drowsy.  

Waiting to be connected to something then treatment to start x 

Ooh forgot to mention that I had an oxygen mask on x 

Hi Philleepa I cant believe how you take everything in your stride you are so brave Girl. I hope it continues to go well for you today I will be thinking about you lots of love & Hugs xxxxxxxxx

Thanks kumagill.  The consultant has just been in and told me that so far my treatment has worked well. 

I'm still waiting for the braccy to start. 19 hours with 15 minute treatment every hour. 

I keep needing a wee so I relax my bladder and the catheter is doing its job.

I've been able to eat too x 

They have just connected me to the machine.  Just felt a bit of tugging x 

My first treatment of the day is done. Only 18 more to go. I didn't feel a thing.  If it wasn't for the machine making a small noise, I would have forgotten what was happening. 


Just had an injection to stop my blood clotting. 

The nurses have just turned me on each side and gave me a little back rub

Just filling in every detail. Sorry if I'm going on with myself. 

I've been told my treatment finishes at 8am tomorrow then I've got at least 4 hours before I go home x 

Wow thats amazing!! Good woman!! Xx

All the best Philleepa! Xx

I can't believe how quickly today has gone.  I've literally lay flat on my bed (head propped up by 2 pillows) and watched tv/read/played candy crush). 

I'm allowed to move my legs from my knees down but just up and down not using my hips so I'm just pointing my toes if that makes sense. 

I've had lunch and dinner lay down and I've got a baby type cup with a straw for drinks. I keep getting told to drink more but I'm drinking as much as I can.  The bag is just not filling! I can't pour my own water either. 

I've been able to phone people, text and use the Internet on my phone so that's been good.  The nurses pop in and out too. 

I've had another back rub and they turned my pillow.  Two nurses had to pull me up and also turn me. It's weird cos I don't feel that there is anything stopping me but when they move me I can feel the rods which is a bit uncomfortable. 

Will keep updating 

That is fantastic news Philleepa I am over the moon for you. This last bit you are going through will kick the CC's Butt. Sounds like your at a spa with the back rubs lol Just lie back and relax and before you know it you will be on your way home expecting a back rub from your Hubby. You are nearly there thanks for the updates its really helpful for us Ladies who have Braccy in front off us. Best Wishes xx

Thanks kumagill.  I will be thinking about you through your treatment and if you need it, I'll be here for support. 


Drama queen me just coughed and panicked that I'd coughed the rods out. Apparently not as an alarm would go off. I can't believe it's nearly 9pm. 7 hours done and 11 to go. I was told 19 hours but also been told that I finish at 8am. Treatments seem to be getting closer and closer together. 

The nursing staff from today have gone home (long shift) and the night team are on, just been in to introduce themselves and they are lovely.  All the nurses are and nothing is too much trouble.  

I've been drinking and drinking do now my tummy feels a bit bloated and my catheter doesn't seem to be draining my urine quick enough. My lady bit seem to be a bit stingy. 

Got to admit it's been good not having to go to the loo and wash my hands every half hour! 


Hey wishing you all the best with your last bit of treatment xx

5 hours to go

I've had about 2 1/2 hour sleep - don'tknow what is keeping me awake. Anyway I've had at least 2 treatments during that time and have woke up in the middle of one! 

I woke up with pins and needles in my hand which I hate cos it's bad circulation isn't it and that's what can cause blood clots. 

The nurse brought me toast around 10am and then took my blood pressure and temperature, all appeared fine.  I've also had another loperimide aa I've been trumping and am scared of having a bowel movement as obviously I can't go to the toilet.  I hope I don't get constipation now :(

My bladder is emptying  very slowly.  The daytime nurse said I needed to drink more as my urine is yellow. I drank a lot (I've had nearly 3 jugs of water and 2 cartons of ribena and now I feel uncomfortable because it's pressureon my bladder.  I can't see the bag so I can't see how full it is but it's been emptied once.  Trying to relax my muscles but tbh   I don't know how! I'll try to get back to sleep.  

I'm trying to remember what my consultant said this morning.  She mentioned boosters I think so I'm not sure if she's talking about next week's treatment or if she means external.  I'm hoping it's not the latter, purely because it means extra trips to the hospital.  I'll have to ask if I see her tomorrow.  

It's just with her saying it's working well - ,my hopes have gone up that it's better than expected  (she didn't say that). I'm thinking of it has then I might not need the 19 hours or so next week.  I'm reading in to things and wishful thinking   although tbh, so far this has been easy, the worst bit was the canula insertion this morning, the pressure on my bladder and the boredom.  Roll on the rods coming out cos I believe that hurts x 

Hi Philleepa :-)

Wow you're doing amazingly! I'm stunned that you can get on the internet from inside your room. When I had my brachy I was in a tiny little room that had no phone signal or anything. I guess it was lead-lined. I'm also really interested to hear that you are having nineteen blasts and another nineteen next week. I think I had a total of two five-minute blasts each a week apart. Because I had already had a radical hysterectomy the rods didn't need to be lined up with anything, just shoved up as far as they could go. So it was a case of dropping my clothes, hopping on the bed, getting the rods put in, doctors leaving the room to push buttons outside, and five minutes later job done, off the bed, get dressed and go home. I think the amount of brachy you are getting helps explain why you had only four weeks of chemorads.

Hats off to you :-)

Be lucky :-)

I managed to get a bit of sleep. I just know next week not to drink as much. I filled two of the catheter bags,  

Just had the rods out. I used gas and air. I can honestly say there was only minimal pain and that was very short lived.  The catheter came out first which stung a bit. Then there was bandages that needed unravelling.  That didn't hurt. Then one ball, that was a sharp sting but again not for long, then a long tube (suprised how long it was) but again,  minimal pain. This happened 3 times. 

I was over the moon. I thought I was in for agony but I wasn't. 

  I am now in the recovery area, eating breakfast sat up. I've passed urine with no problems and am chatting to a lady who didn't think it was too bad either.

Not dreading next week at all now.


Hi, yes I've spoken to the consultant this morning and asked her about the treatment.  She said that here they prefer to do it this way so it's standard for anyone that comes to this hospital.  

The main thing is that it seems to be working even though I've had few side effects. 


Well done Philleepa first lot over i am so happy for you it all went well. You will be glad to get home and you wont have to worry about next weeks treatment. Your skin &  bladder will be glowing with all the fluids your having lol lots of love xxxx