Bleeding and pregnant

Hi everyone. I had lletz on the 11th so about 11 days ago. Minimal bleeding for a week then it has slowly upped. It is still lighter than a period but getting more red. Has anyone been through this and can you remember how long until it roughly stopped? I am assuming it’s the scab coming away and from
What I read that’s normal if not too heavy but I am finding it so stressful because I found our a week after procedure I am pregnant and was when I had it done. At this point my tests are still getting stronger so I guess all is okay but it’s awful bleeding and being in early pregnancy.

Oh how worrying for you. I’m 11 days post Lletz too and still bleeding. It’s bright red as well so that part all sounds normal. Do you have a midwife yet? I would try and push for an early scan just to put your mind at rest. It’s sounds like everything is fine with the baby but that extra bit of reassurance will make you feel better. It’s also good that you’ve had the procedure to remove the abnormal cells so now you don’t need to worry about it during your pregnancy.

Thank you for this. It is reassuring to know it’s probably normal for this stage, I hope we don’t have it too much longer though! I have had two miscarriages previously which I think is triggering my worries so much more. I haven’t yet got a midwife but plan to call tomorrow. I think they will scan early because of the previous losses too! Stressful times!
Are you having any cramps or pain? I have an odd twinge but nothing major

I’ve just realised it’s 13 days for me now. I’m hoping it stops soon too, like you it’s not particularly heavy but more annoying. I don’t have any pain either, I did have mild cramps for the first few days but that’s passed now. I had my LLetz under a GA when I was having my hysteroscopy. They wanted to take a bigger biopsy away and take an endometrial sample as my changes were CGIN although they also found CIN 3 too, thankfully no cancer.
I think you’ll feel much better after a scan. I can completely understand your anxiety though especially with the circumstances. Plus dealing with the anxiety of abnormal cells. Just try and rest as much as possible. x

Thank you so much. I will try x

How are you now? Just looking for pregnant women after leep procedure and how things are going for them I’m in same situation x

Hi! Thanks for asking. I am now 15 weeks and things seem to be going really well. Just starting to feel movements. Are you in same position?

Well I had leep 3 months ago for CIN3 didn’t mean to get pregnant totally unplanned but worried because I haven’t had my test for cure just worried if HPV still there what will be the outcome plus worried about bleeding and late loss premature labour everything really not coping very well glad to here every thing is okay with you

Have they sat that you got the all clear so far or have they checked your cervix x

It is stressful for sure but the midwife’s are saying that all is looking good so far and they will monitor my cervix from 20 weeks. And I still have to have the 6 month smear again but I’m hoping it is all clear. Hopefully all is fine lovely x

Will that be after the pregnancy the 6 month smear x

No I will still be pregnant. I will be 7 months by then x

Are you U.K. is this what they do will this be sane for me x

Yes I am so I assume so x

Let me know when you have your smear would like to know how you get on hope Pregnancy going well for you x