Bleeding and pains after smear

I went for a smear in 2016 after bleeding after sex, the result was abnormal and to return in 6 months to see if it had went away. The result came back as severe high grade with an appointment for lletz. My follow up smear in 2017 was normal and I’ve had no problems since. Then recently I have bled 3 times after sex again, so reluctantly went for a smear today. It hurt for the first time so much I cried driving home. I’ve had pains in my stomach all day on top of the sore lower back I’ve had for a couple of months. Then when going to the toilet I’ve had a lot of strange looking blood and clots. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hi Msjaxx and welcome

It’s normal to have a bit of short term spotting after a smear but what you describe sounds unusual. I think it would be best to contact whoever took your smear for advice.

Have you told your GP or whoever took your smear that you’ve been bleeding after sex?

You might need some investigations in addition to your smear.


Thanks for your reply Jazza, I didn’t know they could do anything so soon. When I eventually got my colposcopy last time it was a long process. I did phone them, and the nurse phoned me back saying the doctor had advised I go for a bath and take paracetamol…I told them about the bleeding and how that was why I made the appointment, they also know that’s what made me get a smear the last time. I’m still getting a lot of really weird discharge, I won’t go into specifics tho! :sweat_smile: Will call them back today if it persists.


It sounds familiar to my story. I went for a smear test and the bleeding wouldn’t stop with blood clots. I visited my GP after a week as I thought I might have an infection. She examined me but probably during examination clots that had stuck around my cervix moved around and when I stood up I started bleeding so heavily that I rushed to the hospital. Long story short I diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and undergone treatment. Each person story is different but if your bleeding doesn’t stop in a couple of days better to check it out if you have an infection or further tests are needed for you to determine what’s going on.

Hi Maria, so sorry to hear that. Hope you’re keeping well. There doesn’t seem to be any info on this. I’ve stopped bleeding but 2 days after the smear I’m still having sharp throbbing in my stomach, like when I had the lletz procedure. All seriousness aside, I really can’t cope with anyone prodding around in there of all places again!


Further tests don’t necessarily have to involve being prodded. I was in such a state back in 2017 when I first started getting gynae problems that I couldn’t cope with a smear test - neither my GP or 2 gynaecologists could get even a child’s speculum in!

One of the first investigations I had was a pelvic ultra sound which was done abdominally on the outer stomach; it was non-invasive and totally painfree and can help pick up things such as thickening of the uterine wall which might indicate fibroids for example. During my appointment I was also offered a transvaginal investigation which involves putting a small probe into the vagina and is probably easier than having a smear done although in my case I couldn’t cope with it and the nurse stopped as soon as i asked.

Getting checked for infection involves doing a swab ; I suppose it involves being prodded but the swab is really just a cotton bud and the test only takes a few seconds.