Bleeding after sex and Red patch in the cervix- Very worried

Hi All

I am very new to this site but I’m hoping it will help.

I am 32 years old, I had a smear yesterday which made me bleed (TMI-not gush). I am experiencing some abdominal pain today, not agonising just annoying.

I had my first smear at age 25, Which showed abnormal cells, Colposcopy results showed CIN 3, I had the loop and the cells removed.
I had a smear soon after and there were “mild changes” smear every 6 months x2 after and every 12 x3 after that (I think ) All clear.

I was experiencing light bleeding after sex which prompted me to go to the doctor. Booked in for swabs 6 weeks ago all clear.

On taking the swabs and smear the nurse said she noticed a fresh red patch.

I now have to wait 2 weeks for the results, given the history I am worried, My last smear 3 years ago was normal no HPV either, its it possible to develop CC In 3 years?

Any advice I would greatly appreciate
Thank you in advance


Im having this exact same thing now hun really scared did you get your results xxx