Bleeding a year after LLETZ procedure.

Hi everyone,

I really hope I can get some help, advice and peace of mind on a problem I’m having. I had my first (and hopefully only!) LLETZ procedure back in November 2021 - I was only 26 when I had it done. I had my 6 month check up in May 2022 and unfortunately it’s come back HPV positive, so now I’m having to go back May this year for another check up. I’ve recently started bleeding a little bit after sex and I’m very worried as I did what every normal person does when a problem or issue occurs… I Googled, and obviously a lot of scary results came back such as cancer, STIs etc… I was just wondering if anyone else is or has been in the same boat as me? My boyfriend is trying his best to reassurance me that everything is ok and that this is probably normal, but my mind and anxiety are in overdrive at the moment and I’m struggling to deal with it.

Please can someone advise if they’ve been through the same as me, is this normal, or should I be more worried?

Thank you!

PS: reading these topics and all of your stories and experiences have helped me a lot so far, you’re all so inspiring!

Hi Jordan,

Sorry to hear about this and Just thought I’d respond as I’m going through something similar.

I had a lletz and cone biopsy about 18 months ago for CIN 3 and Cgin. I had follow up Pap smear 12 months ago which was all clear from hpv and abnormalities. However the last couple of months I’ve had spotting after sex and it’s causing lots of worry. I have another cervical screen due in 3 weeks so will hopefully know more soon. At my last visit my gynaecologist said there is scarring there and was concerned I had cervical stenosis. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with my spotting.

I have read a lot of posts about bleeding after sex since having the lletz procedure. Sounds like it is common but probably best to mention it to your doctor.

Are you able to book in with your GP before your next check up to have a pelvic exam?

I too am having the same problem. I had lletz last September for cgin and am due a check up in march but have started to have irregular bleeding and a bit of pain. I am speaking with my GP tomorrow so will update with any information that they give me x

Thanks Sunshine.

Hope everything goes well for you at the Gp and you get some answers.

So I had a chat with my GP today and she didn’t seem worried at all. She said on the pill I’m on irregular bleeding is common so I’ll just hope all’s okay. Will have my 6 month check up in march so hopefully all will be okay,would be great to hear how you guys get on too,I’ll keep posted on here with any updates too,so reassuring to know your not on your own xx

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Hi Sunshine that’s good news that your gp thinks it is due to the pill.

I’m really anxious about my check up next week. I’m having worse CC symptoms and I’m petrified.

How are you feeling now? Have your symptoms calmed down?

My symptoms have calmed down a bit but still have pelvic pain,I too am petrified about my check up next month. What check up are you having next week? Please Keep us posted how you get on xx

Hi Sunshine,

That is great that your symptoms have mostly calmed down. Hopefully it remains that way for you and you get a good result at your check up in March. What tests will they do for you?

I have very mild spotting after sex which has happened the last 3 times. now I am having these random sharp pelvic pains every couple of weeks. I noticed my period is more watery and lasting longer and I’ve also lost a bit of weight unintentionally (maybe due to the stress).

I will be getting a hpv test and smear at my check up and possibly a colposcopy.

12 months ago I was fine- no hpv or abnormalities when I had CIN 3 and Cgin in 2021. I had no post coital spotting. I’m just hoping something wasn’t missed at my last check up.

Thank you. I’ll update when I know more

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Another update.

I got some good news today. My results have come back clear. Negative for hpv and abnormalities.

Still don’t know what is causing the post coital spotting and symptoms so I will get an ultrasound soon to see if that can explain anything.

Feeling relieved for now though and thought I would post for anyone going through a similar situation. I was thinking the worst possible outcome and was sure it would come back abnormal.

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