3 months Post Lletz for CIN3 & CGIN.....Bleeding again

Hi, I had Lletz treatment for cin3 and cgin in october and a month after i felt almost back to normal...my results came back saying they hadnt managed to remove all the cells and would need to repeat the lletz. however when i was at the hospital for round 2 the dr said she couldnt see any cells to be removed and decided not to treat again. last month i had a check up and the results have come back borderline changes but no treatment required and next check up in 12 months...ever since that check up i have been bleeding (spotting) daily and heavier after sex, its worrying me that there is still something not right and the thought of it being left a year worries me even more!! Has anyone had a similar experience or have any advise to give me??





You may have an area that hasn't quite healed.  The Dr can cauterise it to help stop the bleeding and boost the healing.  Ask to go back and have them check it out to put your mind at rest.  My bleeding lasted for more than 6 months and took a few cauterisation to fix but I feel tonnes better now.  Hope it gets sorted for you soon.