No cell changes on last smear after LLETZ, now symptoms are back?

Any help on this would be appreciated...I've not got a clue what's happening at the moment! Some of it may be a little TMI so apologies in advance...

About 3 years ago I was having really bad bleeding after sex (I was 23 at the time). Went to an STI clinic who were baffled but did a smear. It showed mind cell changes, went for colposcopy and biopsy which showed the same. They decided to do the LLETZ treatment because of the bleeding. Went back after 6 month, and then a year...cells were fine but HPV was still present. Everything seemed fine up until a couple of weeks ago.  I started having a little bit of bleeding again after sex, and then on saturday morning I started bleeding really heavily. It's still happening this morning. I went to the GP this morning (a new GP,  she was really nice but hasn't seen me before). She did a smear and took some swabs to check for infection, and the smear/exam made me bleed very heavily so she wan't able to see much.


She mentioned that because my last smear was in August last year, it might be 'too soon' for them to see me as an accpetable candidate for evaluating the smear results, which seems completely bonkers to me. These are the exact same symptoms I had last time, but it's got a lot worse very quickly.


Is it normal for cells to change that quickly? Could it be worse than before, even though I had the treatment? And is there a chance that I'll be made to wait until its 'time' for my next smear, even though I'm in pain and bleeding?!

I'm really confused. Has anyone else been through this before? I guess it could be something else, but I know my body and it seems exactly like last time.

I'm pretty scared tbh. Have lost weight recently and not sure why, and have been feeling very sick. I'm not pregnant, and the doc is checking for infections but thinks it seems unlikely.

HELP?! Thanks :)

Hi Bellers,

How's things going?Have you got any answers yet?

I seeyou posted this awhile back,sorry you didn't get

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Hope you still look in on Jo's.


Becky x