Bleeding 9 days after lletz


Had lletz 9 days ago and I wasn’t really bleeding too much except the last few days I have, not heavy but like a period. Just seems a bit late. Does anyone else have any experience on this? Or know if it’s normal?


Hi I'm 14 days and still bleeding. I've seen messages on here saying can bleed up to 6 weeks so seems to be normal unless excessive. 

I had lletz 16 days ago. I had light bleeding up until day 12, then had heavy period like bleeding for 2/3 days. It literally 'blobbed' out of me everytime I stood up. I've been tracking my temps, and it seems the bleeding was an early period. I've read that lletz can bring it on. Mine was 10 days early.

The bleeding has also stopped completely for me now and discharge has gone clear. Turns out I'm a fast healer, I have also been taking Vitamin C, which aids healing. 

Oh gosh! What a joy. Thanks for the peace of mind though ladies x