Bleeding after Lletz

Hello everyone 

I am 7 days post lletz and a little concerned. Yesterday morning I started bleeding and it has got heavier today. It is bright red. Yesterday I could smell is fishy smell everytime I went to the loo (sorry tmi) although its not as bad today. I have also felt cramps since yesterday.  The bleeding started after I lifted my 6 year old out of the car and carried him into the house. I'm not sure if this is just coincidence though.

Should I be concerned or are these regular symptoms?

Thank you

Hey yodi - I only started bleeding exactly 7 days after, it doesn't seem uncommon, this is just that the treatment they gave to heal the wound had worn off and now you need to heal naturally. I'm two weeks since lletz now and not much bleed but it does come and go - deff heavier if I have had a busy day. If it does get particularly smelly go to docs to check for infection but monitor and rest when you can. Hope you feel better xxx

Thank you for the reassurance Ellie-Cat.

Hi yes my experience was the same little spotting until 7/8 days then some heavish bleeding that lasted for a  couple of days. Id just monitor it for another day and if you are still concerned contact your GP x