Bit worried...

Hi all.. not posted for a while... I was given the a clear in October 2017 after being diganosed with stage 2b with no lump nod involvment and after 5 rounds of chemo... 25 external radiation and 3 internal radiation.... been feeling good then since a few weeks it started with vitiam b12 deficiency and vit d deficiency so had 6 b12 jab and super strong vit d tablets... now I've got chronic back pain.. . Hips and inside groin pain... feel sick and tummy has bloated so.much I look 6 months pregnant.. what I'm asking is can it reoccur so quick???? I've got an appoitmens with my oncologist next week... I'm just sooo worried mind is working  over time....  I'm worried that a bit of it was missed on the final MRI I had as oncoligst has not examed me at all since my last internal brachetherphy in Aug.... xx

I'm not a doctor, nor am I in healthcare field, but I think it is highly unlikely the cancer has reoccurred.  Even if they did miss a spot of cancer in the MRI, cervical cancer is slow-growing, so it would probably be years before symptoms appeared.   My doctor did warn me that because I had radiation, I was at risk for pelvic fractures.  He said they are painful and hard to diagnose.  This could be the cause of your hip and groin pain.  But even if you do have a pelvic fracture, my doctor told me the treatment is usually just pain meds and time.  I know it is hard to do, but try not to worry.  Statistics are in your favor that it is NOT a cancer reoccurance.  Keep us updated!

Hi lulu,

Just tell them about all your issues at the appointment. I saw gynae onc last week as i have uncontrolled rectal, back, lower abdo and groin pain as well as some radiation proctitis symptoms of passing mucous, clear jelly, rectal bleeding, abdominal spasms and bladder spasms. They have booked me for a eua, cystoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and are definitely taking biopsies. They can feel some soft tissue rectally. It all could be just from the fibrosis and tissue thickening from the high dose radiation treatment which can be seen on my bladder, bowel, rectum on my ct in december, but they want to be sure. If its ok they will refer me through to the chronic pain team and colorectal team so that i can actually get medication to treat my symptoms. They rely on disclosure of symptoms to determine tests that you need for your follow-up. Best wishes  for you. Xx

Morning Lulu,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble & not feeling well at all. 

I thought I would jump in if you didn't mind as I had recurrence quite soon after my NED diagnosis. I do not want to upset you in any way but I am a realist & although Cervical cancer is a slow grower there is different grades which mine is Poorly differentiated. This is the most aggressive type & does spread quickly.

I had an NED diagnosis in July 2016 but then was re-diagnosed 4b in Nov 2016 when it spread to my Liver & Omentum. 

If you have any worries or niggles mention all of them asap to your consultant. You may be experiencing all your problems at the moment from the radiation & Bracutherapy as this can do damage. I actually had no symptoms whatsoever with my recurrence so do not take it that it will be bad news.

I hope you hear positive news & everything settles quickly so you can enjoy life & start getting back on track

Take care

Flo xxx

Hi all... thank you all so much for your advice and kind words... I'm feeling bit better in myself but still having issues with swollen tummy and now my bowels are not playing very nicely.. I've got an appoitmens with my oncologist on thur so finger crossed will get some answers xxxx