Over thinking or reoccurrence

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

For last week I have developed back pain and pelvic pain. Seems to be getting worse not better even with pain killers. 

ive called my Nurse and she has said my consultant will possibly want to bring my yearly scan forward. So of course my mind has gone into over drive.

I also have shooting pains down my legs mainly at night.

Can anyone relate? 

Thanks x

Hi Locket, 

I could be way off the mark here but your symptoms also sound similar to a vitamin deficiency (vitamin D?). The reason I mention this is I have had a number of symptoms including yours so decided to have a 'blood test from home', they post you the kit and you send it back with sample. All my results came back in the normal range except vitamin D which came back as severely deficient. Have a look at symptoms of vitamin D deficiency to see if they match yours. One of the main symptoms is restless painful legs at night. My symptoms also include feelings of extreme cold and headaches. I think a b12 deficiency can have some similar symptoms. Of course I'm not a doctor so make sure you get it all checked out. I'm currently waiting on a call back from my CNS to see if I can improve my results quicker as I have been taking a supplement for 3 months already. Easier said than done but try not to worry. 
x Maria

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 Hi. Am I right in thinking that you are coming up for a scan soon? I used to get all sorts of aches and pains about a month or so before I was due a check up/scan. 

I think its common after our treatment to get back ache and pelvic pain but of course, it needs checking out which, thankfully you are doing. 

Hopefully it will just be a side effect of the treatment xxx


Scan was originally for end of May which would have been 9 month post treatment. Year since diagnosis. 
My nurse thinks my consultant will want to bring it forward due to my concerns. I know this is right thing to do as either way can put my mind at ease or find out exactly what's going on. That's my logical side thinking but unfortunately my mind goes into over drive. I wish I could just escape this nightmare sometimes. Thank you for your messages. 

Hi Locket,

I feel your concern. It’s a whole new level of worry about aches and pains that before I would have put down to over exercising/ age etc, now my mind goes into overdrive about any boggle I have.

I had something similar a couple of months ago with back pain/ pelvic pain that did not go away. My mind was in turmoil I can tell you but I did speak to my nurse and she asked me to come in. She examined me and straight away said she did not think it was anything sinister,but maybe to do with ISC and did say it can take up to a year to recover from surgery. Do you know, the next day the pain was less and a couple of days later gone. 

You have done the right thing getting in touch with the nurse and getting an earlier scan is the prudent thing to do for your Drs. They would rather check it out than not. 

My mind went into overdrive  too - I made it into something much worse. I’m sure that will be the case for you too lovely Locket. Hopefully the scan will be soon and put your mind at ease. Big hugs xxx


not boggle - niggle! 

Hey lovely,

I completely understand your concerns, I can't have a single ache or pain these days without my mind immediately going into overdrive. The physical battle maybe over but I think the mental one lasts much longer.
I very much hope they bring your scan forward so you can put your mind at ease. I think after such intensive treatment it's hard to tell what's damage from the radiotherapy, what's menopause, what's from our ages, what's overdoing it and normal none cancer related aches and pains. I know mine all got worse during scanxiety.

stay strong lovely, I very much hope that you will get the positive news you deserve very soon. 

Massive hugs and loads of love sweetheart,

emma xx x