Biopsy Waiting Time?

Hi ladies,

How long did you have to wait for your biopsy results?
It’s been 4 weeks today for me and nothing. Rang the hospital on Monday and they confirmed still nothing.
The wait is eating me alive, I can’t concentrate at work, I can’t sleep properly because of it, I’m now dreaming about CC.

Any tips on coping with the wait would be appreciated too.


Hello there. Just wanted to see how you’re doing? Any news yet? The waiting is just the worst. My strategy was to live in denial until the resukts came back. Probably not the best way to deal with it,

Was the biopsy taken during a colposcopy? I think i had the colposcopy done on 21st March and got the results on 5th April, but i did have cc. I am hoping the delay means that you don’t :pray:
Wishing you all the best and i hope youre ok.

Rachel x

Hi Raquel,

So sorry to hear that they found you have CC! How are you? Are you coping okay??

Still no results yet, colposcopy and biopsy on the 19th April, will ring the hospital again next week to follow up. The waiting is driving me mad! I did ring up the hospital last week and I asked the nurse if no news was good news… she told me she wouldn’t like to say😬

Do you mind me asking what they saw at your coloscopy? Did they know you had CC from that? Xx

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Hi. I dont mind at all! They could see pre-cancerous cells at the colposcopy, but no sign of cancer - that came up in the biopsy. My consultant was very positive and even used the word ‘curable’.

From then it was a 4 week wait until i knew what my treatment would be - I had an MRI and a pet scan in that time and then they had an MDT meeting to decide on treatment. Then i had 2 weeks to wait for surgery. Because the tumour was small and contained within the cervix, surgery was deemed the best option.

I had a radical hysterectomy on 16th May (cervix, womb, top of vagina, ovaries and lymph nodes), spent 3 nights in hospital and I’ve been recovering at home since then.

I got a call a few days back to say the pathology results were in (they send off your bits to check for microscopic cancer cells that may have migrated out from the cervix anf this determines if you need any follow up treatment). Thankfully i had clear margins and no further treatment is required.

I hope the fact youve been waiting so long means that it is good news, but i know how hard the waiting game is.

Wishing you the best of luck and im here if you need to chat or vent! X

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I really appreciate it and I don’t know why but hearing peoples journeys comforts me.

Congratualtions on getting clear margins that’s amazing news! I hope you can celebrate when you’re feeling better :smiling_face::smiling_face:

I will update this post if I ever receive my results!


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Youre welcome! It helps me so much having others to talk to, knowing that although our paths may be different, they know what its like more than family and friends can. And sometimes i dont want to worry my family, so having an online community is so beneficial

Keep in touch. X

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Update- …there is no update :tired_face: it’s now been 6 weeks with no news. I can only hope this means good news but the not knowing is driving me mad.
I tried calling the colposcopy clinic again yesterday but they’ve not got back to me yet.

Starting to worry they’ve lost them to be honest :frowning:

My wait for biopsy results is 10-12 weeks. I’m on week 5 now.
Better than it was in December it was up to a 16 week wait. Pre covid it was a 6 week wait.
As you can see I am on a merry go round. This is my 4th time waiting for results.
All I can say is try not to stress at all. Easier said than done. I have now had 3 lletz treatments to remove pre cancerous cells. I have been discussed at mdm meetings and 5/6 years later I’m still on a merry go round.
Each time yes I worry but some days are worse than others.
I know with strikes and covid it has made lab waiting times longer. I hope you hear something soon

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Hi Blue1!

So sorry you’ve had to go through this so much that’s unfair :sob:

I literally just got a call back from the nurse and it’s CIN2, as it’s high grade I’ve got to have an lletz next Friday. To be honest with you it’s a complete relief, as at least I know it’s not worse :smiling_face:

Hey, so glad you finally got your results and your treatment is scheduled. Good luck!

And @Blue1, I hope get yours sooner than anticipated. The waiting is just the worst!