Biopsy Sickness

Did anyone else feel nauseous & weak after their biopsy? I’m two days post procedure & feel weak & sick. Hopefully passes soon.

Hi Traveler

I felt a little nauseous but I think it was after working myself up so much. It could just be a coincidence, I'm not too sure. 

hope you are doing ok!


Hi Traveler!

Sorry to hear you feeling so rough. I expected to go back to work the day after my LLETZ but I ended up having two weeks off work because I felt so weak.

Hope you feel better soon!

Kirsty xx 

Oh wow two weeks? I hope I only have to take a few days off for LEEP. This was just from the colpo/biopsy. Thanks both of you for your kind responses! :)

I was really sick straight after so I was kept in the hospital for an hour or so. My blood pressure also dropped quote considerably. They told me it wasn't uncommon and I remember feeling weak for a few days after. Hope you're feeling better xx