biopsy results showing c1n2/3 &c1gn high grade

Hi I'm new to this. Had my first smear in decemeber age 24.5, results came back high grade changes and was booked in for a colopscopy the next week. I had this and a biopsy was taken, and I believe all the cells were taken away. 

I received my results yesterday. No evidence of cancer which was a huge relief. However it said I had c1n2/3 and c1gn high grade Change.

Has anyone else been in this situation?

I received another letter today saying I'm booked in foe another colopscopy in 6 months (July).

My worries are how do they know they got all the c1gn? And where it's high grade, will it come back, and is a hysterectomy likley to be my only treatment option.

When I had colopscopy they didn't mention c1gn, so I was expecting the c1n3 changes, but the other is a complete shock.

I've obviouslyGoogled it and scared myself half to death that they've either not got it all, or I'm going to need a hysterectomy.

I'm 24 I really don't want that.

I know there are people with alot worse results than me, and I don't want to sound like I'm being over the top, I'm just very worried.

Thanks for reading. X

Hi Emz,

Sorry to hear you are so worried and that your results are so confusing. Maybe on Monday you could call your GP and ask them to explain the results to you, sometimes a nurse can do that for you.

i'm not too sure what your results mean but small changes to the cervix are often just kept tabs on to see if they get worse or go away. if they've booked you in for a follow up colposcopy that could be what's going on there.

i've found doctor's are usually quite straight up with you if it's serious. Try not to worry, speak to someone about your results and avoid Google (it doesn't know you like your doctor).


Hi Emz,

It sounds to me like they just want to keep an eye on you and so that is why they want to see you again in six months. Please don't start to worry about hysterectomies or any of that stuff because you are a world away from needing anything like that. You honestly don't need to give it another thought until your appointment in six months time.

Be lucky


Thank you for the replies. I know I'm probably getting carried away with my thoughts! I think you're right, I'll get a gp appointment booked in for this week.

At my actual colopscopy they didn't really say alot, just did it. The letter sounds positive, I just hope it 6 months time it's all nornal. I'm a worrier anyway which doesn't help!

Thanks for messaging back x